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Help test the Constant Contact API 3.0 plugin beta!

Almost ready.

It’s been a long haul for the new version of the Constant Contact for WordPress plugin. I started working on it before Constant Contact finalized their new API, so let’s just say it has been a major undertaking 🙂 Now I need help getting it ready for release!

The new Constant Contact WordPress plugin has some cool features, such as inline editing of lists and contacts, nicer report layouts, error/activity logging, and much cleaner ways of doing things.

Please help by installing the plugin and reporting issues.

You can download the latest build of the plugin here.

Please help test the plugin and — most important — report issues using this form.

I want to release the plugin in the next three weeks, so please download, install, and submit issues as soon as possible. It would be a huge help.

Are you a developer?

Please help out and contribute on GitHub. Your help will earn you a thank-you link on the plugin’s settings page!

Future plans

Once the new version is released, I plan on allowing this plugin be the connector to Constant Contact for my other integrations (Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, and Fast Secure Contact Form). That way, other forms can be used instead of the Form Designer and you’d still get all the other functionality of the main API plugin, like viewing and editing contacts.

Thanks for your help!

By Zack Katz

Zack Katz is the founder of GravityKit and TrustedLogin. He lives in Leverett, Massachusetts with his wife Juniper.

7 replies on “Help test the Constant Contact API 3.0 plugin beta!”

Hey Zack – am trying to configure the new version of the plugin but I am running into an issue with authorizing w/ Constant Contact. Ever since I have connected v2 (2.4.1 to be exact) of your plugin, I have not been able to login to the ConstantContact UI (I get “User Profile Not Active”, “Sorry, your user profile has been deactivated so you can no longer log in. Please contact the account owner for assistance.”). This was fine as with 2.4.1 everything I needed to do was available from the plugin but now that it seems you are using oAuth with ConstantContact, this is causing an issue. Have you heard of this cropping up with other installations? I believe the folks I am helping with this are on the $45/month plan.

Is this a replacement or evolution of your Contact Form 7 Newsletter plugin? We’ve been using that alongside the Contact Form 7 plugin and the Captcha plugin by the same author since January with no trouble. In the past few days, and just before an important event, we are having problems with the Send button hanging with an endless spinner. When I deactivate all plugins except CF 7 and the Captcha plugin, everything works fine. Then I activate Contact Form 7 Newsletter and the issue reappears. The connection with Constant Contact appears to be working fine, and the messages in the integration agree.

People are clicking the Send button multiple times since it is difficult to tell (if not impossible) if the contact form has been sent, resulting in multiple submissions (as evidenced by the autoresponders being sent to the newsletter admins).

Here’s the url where we’re seeing this problem:

Thanks so much for letting me know what to do to get this form/integration working properly again! Or if it’s better to get the plugin you’ve written about on this page.

Hello Zack. I was using your CTCT WordPress plugin (contact-form-7-newsletter) that integrates with Contact Form 7. It’s quit sending new contacts at some point. I had high hopes that update 2.0.6 (with the new api key) would fix it…but alas, it did not.

I noticed this plugin uses the old API and saw this blog entry.

What’s the ETA on going to v3.0 on your Constant Contact for WP? How can I help?

Hi there, it wouldn’t let me install the plugin. I received an error message saying that the plugin did not have a header?

Hi there, it wouldn’t let me install the plugin. I received an error message saying that the plugin did not have a header?

Do you know how to make it so current lists don’t delete when adding an email to another list form WP?

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