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Incorporate WordPress with Interspire Shopping Cart

I’m going to elaborate on this further (and about Interspire in general), but for those of you who want to make WordPress functions available throughout your shopping cart, here’s how:

Before the closing ?> in the init.php file, add the following code:
require(realpath(ISC_BASE_PATH).'/blog-directory/wp-blog-header.php');, where /blog-directory/ is your WP installation. If you installed it in the root directory, then you’d simply need require(realpath(ISC_BASE_PATH).'/wp-blog-header.php');
(see Update below).

Update: There is a bug that happens when the include is placed at the bottom of init.php; instead, add require(realpath(ISC_BASE_PATH).'/wp-blog-header.php'); on the line below require_once(dirname(__FILE__).'/lib/init.php'); (line 3).

Voila! That simple. Any questions?

Interspire + WordPress Update:

I don’t know if it’s because WordPress has been updated, or if it’s because Interspire has been, but there is a function conflict going on between the two softwares. Unfortunately, you need to replace your WordPress installation’s wp-includes/formatting.php file to have if(!function_exists()) for every function.

Here’s the file:
[download id=”6″]

Interspire + WordPress Update 2:

So, after searching Interspire Shopping Cart for each function in formatting.php, I found there are only two conflicting functions:

  • convert_chars()
  • stripslashes_deep()

If you wrap these functions found in /wp-includes/formatting.php in function_exists, everything works just dandy.

A very, vitally important note:

After some frustrating hours trying to figure out why adding products to the cart wasn’t working, I discovered that the WordPress function wp_unregister_GLOBALS() was screwing up the works. I also found another article with the same problem, and the solution: turn off register globals. You need to update your php.ini file with register_globals Off. You can also search Google for more info on how to do that.

By Zack Katz

Zack Katz is the founder of GravityKit and TrustedLogin. He lives in Leverett, Massachusetts with his wife Juniper.

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I have a real estate website using Interspire Shopping Cart, and was just reading your WordPress real estate site article with the view to ditch interspire. I never thought of combining them – great idea. Thanks for the post!!

I installed WordPress; I added your code; now what? How do I apply WordPress to my Interspire Shopping Cart?

Could you explain this a little more clearly?  I have a couple of questions.  1. There isn’t a ?> in the init.php file.   2.  When I added this at the end of the page, it made my homepage turn blank. 

I guess… what is the expected outcome when doing this?  And where exactly should this go?  I’m not sure I completely understand what this would accomplish, but I’m very interested in finding out. 


I wrote this tutorial for a previous version of Interspire Shopping Cart. I am working on a newer version of Interspire right now, and I’ll post a revised update on how to incorporate the two.

The goal is simply to have the WordPress database and functions available in the Interspire framework, so that if I wanted to, I could find related posts to a specific product, for example.

Would be interested in this too…haven’t bought interspire cart yet, but probably would if there was an easy way to incorporate it into WP.

It’s still unclear what value this has. I mean, what functions would you want/need to use from wordpress with interspire and how would one do this? Related posts, ok but how? Like say you implement this and it’s working. How then would you use these functions with the cart? This article is like giving someone a forklift and not teaching them how to use it.
I’m just asking again for the people who really don’t understand where you are going with this.  I use wordpress and Interspire together without doing anything special. I use Interspire’s RSS capabilities to pull in all blog articles (or ones related to products only) and I use wordpress’s RSS capability to pull in any products from Interpsire via an RSS feed.  I really wish Interspire had a real blog feature that pinged when you submit an article. WordPress is really nothing special other than ease of use and pinging IMHO.

how can we finish the conflict between these two softwares, without replacing WordPress installation’s

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to do this. It will throw a fatal error every time. The reason I used @include instead of include is to prevent any errors from messing up the shop. However, other than that, I found no easy solution.

This is a great post.

i am just now beginning to create all of my pages am I definitely looking to integrate a WordPress Blog in the same fashion you are but would like them both sync and look seamless as a customer goes through the site.

I am just about to (hopefully) take advantage of your kind sharing of the above code and noticed you are the publisher of the ISC link to products add-on for WordPress. I have entered all my details in the Settings page, but when I edit a post, I get the Interspire icon – click the icon and the list of products only shows 20 products. Any idea why? Thanks

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