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Recover your password from Interspire Shopping Cart

Where did my Interspire password go?
I develop my websites locally, so sending Lost Password emails never works. When I forget what my password is, it’s quite the hassle.

I’m developing an Interspire Shopping Cart website, and lo and behold, I lost the password.

Here’s how to recover your password from Interspire Shopping Cart:

  1. Go to /admin/includes/classes/class.auth.php, line 45 and change
    $GLOBALS['Message'] = sprintf(GetLang("ConfirmPassEmailSent"), isc_html_escape($email));
    to this:
    $GLOBALS['Message'] = $message;
  2. Submit the Forgot Password form again, and you’ll see the confirmation link.
  3. Change the code back immediately! If you forget this, and make your cart live, you will have screwed the proverbial pooch.

I will be writing about my experience developing the Interspire cart, but so far, it’s an elegant — and full featured — shopping cart. It’s a little complex behind the scenes (after working with ‘Code is Poetry’ WordPress), but no more so than osCommerce, and much nicer administration.

HEY — Did you change your password back yet? Do it!

By Zack Katz

Zack Katz is the founder of GravityKit and TrustedLogin. He lives in Leverett, Massachusetts with his wife Juniper.

3 replies on “Recover your password from Interspire Shopping Cart”

Thank you so much for this.  I had a store which I had not used for a long time, and couldn’t find my password.  In the time between I had last used it, and now, the hosting company stopped the mail() function from working.

This meant that I couldn’t get at my password at all, even though the site was live..

Incidently, if this is the case, because the variable that you change in your post only works if the E-mail succeeds, if the mail() function isn’t working, it won’t ever succeed, meaning you still have a problem.

What I had to do was add your fix above, plus make it so that it came up when it failed.  So change this:

                    if($email_result[‘success’]) {
                        $GLOBALS[‘Message’] = sprintf(GetLang(“ConfirmPassEmailSent”), isc_html_escape($email));

to this:

                    if($email_result[‘fail’]) {
                        $GLOBALS[‘Message’] = $message;

Again, you really need to change both the variables back, as it would be a bit of a pain.

Thanks a lot for your original fix, got me out of a real hole.  Also, I have not refunded the money to the person and deleted the store.

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