Snow Report – Ski Mountain Conditions Plugin for WordPress

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Get the latest ski/snowboarding conditions from your favorite area or mountain using the Snow Report WordPress plugin.

The plugin uses the website’s data feeds that provide the most accurate, up to date information available.

The Snow Report plugin is perfect for:

  • any blog owner who yearns to be on the mountain;
  • a tourism-related website for a ski-friendly state, country, or area (like Colorado);
  • a snow removal website that wants to integrate a helpful feature onto their site;
  • a ski area that wishes to show its latest stats

Need support?

Please check the plugin page first to see if your questions are answered there. If not, drop a line using the

By Zack Katz

Zack Katz is the founder of GravityKit and TrustedLogin. He lives in Leverett, Massachusetts with his wife Juniper.

87 replies on “Snow Report – Ski Mountain Conditions Plugin for WordPress”

Hi, I downloaded your plug in, what a great idea, but I am wondering if there is a way to have it be a searchable option for our members, like they could type in their state and it would go there? Or I would just have to download it 50 times, and that seems ridiculous to me! Any suggestions? Thank you, Anne

I hadn’t planned on something like that; it would be much more in-depth than the plugin is now.

You could set up something in your theme’s page template like this:

do_shortcode('[snow_report location="'.get_post_meta($post->ID, 'location', true).'"]');

Then for each location, you could add a custom field named ‘location’ and have the state’s name.

Alternatively, you could point people to the source of the data:

for Italy there is only one place… is it possible? do the others ski resort have to register somewhere? how to fetch the data?
grazie mille!

Want to first thank you for this plugin. I am having a little trouble though. First if I have a page for each resort can I show the report for just that resort on its own page?

Also after installing and testing the shortcode I am getting this error.

Warning: Missing argument 1 for snow_report::av(), called in /home/content/61/6669961/html/wp-content/plugins/snow-report/snow-report.php on line 517 and defined in /home/content/61/6669961/html/wp-content/plugins/snow-report/snow-report.php on line 261

@Nick: I just released version 1.1.2, which will fix that error. Thank you for reporting it.

In order to show a specific mountain, you can use the shortcode. On each resort page, you can use [snow_report location="Resort State" mountain="Resort Name as Shown in Table"]

That should show only that resort’s listing. Let me know how it goes.

Okay so I got the single reports to display on 4 of the pages I need them on. However, when I try to display it for the remaining three resorts it lists every resort in Colorado instead of just that one resort.

This looks to be a great plug-in that I’d like to use when I add a WordPress blog to my site shortly, however, is there any chance that it can support Bulgaria, Borovets in particular? It appears ‘’ website, so would be great if it could be included?

I cover the northeast, and this plug in is sick, I love it. I need to be able to give snow reports for the northeast, USA states, is there a way to add a few states? Thanks great job, Ronnie.

Is it possible to have more than one specific mountain display?

For example, I want to do Wyoming, but instead of the 7 resorts that come up, I only want to do 3 specific ones. Jackson Hole, Snow King, and Grand Targhee.

Thank you!

Zack, thanks for the great plugin. We are a website design firm in Pagosa Springs, CO and just found your plugin. We have several clients that would like to use this, but only show a particular mountain in Colorado. How do we do this? I have tried inserting for example “Wolf Creek” into the short code you provided, but it will not work. Here’s the shortcode I have inserted into the HTML code of one of my Word Press pages:
[snow_report location=”Colorado” mountain=”Wolf Creek” caption=”Snow Reports for Ski Mountains in Colorado” align=”left” show_tickets=”yes” ticket_text=”%%resort%% lift tickets” cache_results=”no” columns=”open,base,tickets”]

Thanks again for the great plugin!

Thanks for bringing this to my attention – it turns out that not all names equal their web address on the website…it’s not “wolf-creek”; it’s “wolf-creek-ski-area”.

So to have it work, use mountain="Wolf Creek Ski Area" … Sorry for that!

I want to change the table css using the class=”css_table_class” but where do I put the code to modify the css?

James Green.
London, UK

Hi Zack,
I have the plugin installed—didn’t get any error messages. I’ve put the shortcode into a text widget and it pretty much does nothing. Am I missing something?

More details: looking at the source code I’m getting the following error:
“Snow Report Error : Error reading XML file at and “I spoke with my host and they don’t block plugins (I have your WP Wunderground plugin working perfectly on the same site) so it doesn’t seem like that’s the problem. When I type the feed URL directly into my browser I can see it, so I know is not down.Any suggestions?


Is it possible to display only 3 specific resorts. For example I just want Vail Beaver Creek and Breckenridge

Hi Zach,

Do you know if there is a way to include your short code in a dropdown, where the user can select the resort and return only that resosrt? 

Thanks for creating the tool!


So the error is still there, a few days later, but if i follow the url to the RSS feeds i am seeing the XML file…it seems to be fine.  Is it possible that it is an error on my end?

I have same question as Kristen below…

Is it possible to have more than one specific mountain display?

example, I want to do Lake Tahoe, California, but instead of the 20 resorts that come
up, I only want to do 10 specific ones. Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows, Northstar, etc. Is this possible?

Thank you!

Is it possible to have the liftticket link through Liftopia/Avantlink go to our account so that we can earn commissions on tickets sold?

I am assuming that this is the part of the plugin I should edit to get credit from Avantlink with my affiliate ID. Can you tell me specifically what to update?
return ‘’.urlencode($url);
} else {
return ”;

Zack, sounds good appreciate the prompt reply.  Last but not least I have added the plugin to our homepage – and wondering how to remove the open status and surface conditions from the sidebar widget area.  I am using the following code:

[snow_report location=”Washington” mountain=”Mt. Baker”]


First, congratulations on your Snow Report plugin. I have a website about snowboarding and  and I was interested in installing it, but I see the Spanish ski resorts are not available.

Have thought that at some point may appear in your application.

a greeting

fantastic plugin, it is exactly what I´m looking for! 
Sadly is Sweden missing
in places. It is supported in Onthesnow website. Any chance that you can add Sweden so it
works in the plugin? I be very very happy if so! 



Zach, GREAT PLUGIN! Easy to use, thats what I like. Quick question. has a 24 hour snowfall report. I am fairly confident in my abilities as a coder to include this in the plugin if you can point me to the line of code that draws the 48 hour report. Or is this a feature that im over looking somewhere?

Thanks in advance!

I installed your plugin last week and configured it for Quebec and it was outputting beautifully. Since yesterday the output it blank. Tested on 2 different WP sites, with different themes, blank output. Tried Quebec and Ontario, still no output. Tried IE 9.0 and Firefox, still no output.
Did something happen for it to stop working?
I used the default [snow_report] shortcode. has stopped providing RSS feeds (how the plugin gets its data). This may be temporary or it may be permanent. I’ve been in touch with them and will let you know what the deal is when I find out.

Hi Zack. Love your plugin and want to use it. Have you resolved the issue with OnTheSnow sending you feeds? Is or will your plugin be functioning and regularly updating again, and when?

Hi Zack, Thanks for replying. I tired that now my new code is like below[snow_report location=”New Hampshire” mountain=”Black Mountain”
caption=”Snow Conditions for Black Mountain in Jackson New Hampshire”
show_tickets=”yes” ticket_text=”%%resort%% lift tickets” ]

Still the TICKETS link does not show up

Thanks for your help

Nice Plugin Zack. But I am having an Issue, the mountain we are trying to display in Black Mountain located in New Hampshire USA. I am using the shortcode to display in the sidebar and want to display a link to the tickets too.

If I put the mountain name as Black Mountain, the ticket link does not display but If I remove the mountain name and just use the location, it displays all the mountains in New Hampshire along with the Ticket links

How can I do this JUST for Black Mountain.

Case1) does not work

[snow_report location=”New Hampshire” mountain=”Black Mountain ” caption=”Snow Conditions for Black Mountain in Jackson New Hampshire” show_tickets=”yes” ticket_text=”%%resort%% lift tickets” ]

Case2) works but displays all the mountains

[snow_report location=”New Hampshire” mountain=” ” caption=”Snow Conditions for Black Mountain in Jackson New Hampshire” show_tickets=”yes” ticket_text=”%%resort%% lift tickets” ]

Any suggestions is appreciated.

The Snow Report plugin data source ( reports that “We’re currently in the process of updating the back end of our site and are aware of the RSS feed errors. Should be fixed soon.”

Please be patient while this is fixed. Thank you!

Thank you,

Zack Katz
Katz Web Services, Inc.

Office: 970.882.1477
Cell: 970.676.8050

Hi there, The default font for the table is a bit ugly…is there a way to change this? Also the “align” command only changes the alignment of the content not the alignment of the column headers. Lastly….when I use the shortcode for just one location is there a way to not show the resort name?

It was working fine and now it is not. Not sure why, instead of the reports showing, only the code display’s, what changed?

can you add an image, maybe a snow flake or something a bit more visually appealing? If so, how? Thanks!

Thanks for getting back, Zack. I tried re-saving the settings, deactivating the plugin, deleting the plugin and re-installing and still no joy. The code on the page is:


In the settings the only changes from the defaults are that the location is Switzerland and the UoM is metric.

I have an easy question.The URL of my blog is -
My question is how can I change the background colors of the two top rows so it works with my blog better?., I love this plugin and this is my second season using it but, the way its displayed needs to change.


I just downloaded the plugin and changed the rss path as recommended to $url .= ‘/snow-rss.html’;, however data is still not displaying on the page, any suggestions anyone? please and thank you

Hi Zack — thanks for the plugin!

I just downloaded and activated but all I am getting is this error in a comment in the html:

“Snow Report Error : Error reading XML file at and”

Any ideas?

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