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Visit Katz Web Design-developed As announced in August, Steve Spangler chose Katz Web Design to develop their blog. Their previous blog was aging and didn’t provide the functionality they needed. I was provided with a design by Blake Sumrall (at Steve Spangler, Inc.) and was tasked with converting it to a website. The development […]


Google's Sprite Image is a Thing of Beauty

Google Sprite changes over time: If you want to know more about CSS sprites and how to put them together, feast your eyes on Google’s: Then: Now: Here’s the history of Google’s PNG sprite image March 25, 2010 – April 1, 2010 – April […]

Code CSS Design Tutorial

Multiple Matte Colors for CSS Sprites

Here’s the problem: I want to use CSS Sprites for transparent images, and they require different matte colors. The promise of CSS Sprites is great: you can combine many small images into one bigger image, and use CSS to reveal only the revelant parts. But what if you have a background image, and the background […]