Squidfingers.com Patterns – Download All the Patterns in One ZIP

Download all the great patterns in one place.

Squidfingers.com has the best source of free patterns out there, and has been used by thousands of web designers. Unfortunately, however, you have to download patterns one at a time. With 158 patterns, this can take a while.

I have compiled all the Squidfingers.com patterns into one ZIP file. Please remember

Feel free to use any of these patterns on your own site. If you do decide use one, a credit link back to my site [http://www.squidfingers.com/patterns/] is always greatly appreciated.

Please continue to respect the terms of use for these patterns, and link to their site. It’s a great, free resource.

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Multiple Matte Colors for CSS Sprites

Here’s the problem: I want to use CSS Sprites for transparent images, and they require different matte colors.

The promise of CSS Sprites is great: you can combine many small images into one bigger image, and use CSS to reveal only the revelant parts. But what if you have a background image, and the background changes color on :hover? When trying to save the smilies, you can only choose one matte color. I need multiple matte colors!

The issue really is a pain when you have already given your object a stroke. Using the Appearance panel, we’ll make everything happy in the world again!

I want the three smileys to be combined as one

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