WordPress Debt Calculator

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Add a debt calculator to your WordPress blog

Debt Calculator ScreenshotDo you have a financial blog or a blog about debt, money management, or household spending? Add a free debt calculator to your blog with no coding required.

  • Updating the style: You can update the form’s style by editing the plugin’s debt.css file
  • You can add the calculator to your website’s sidebar by using the shortcode in a text widget
  • Use in combination with the Show Content Only plugin as a pop-up window

Shortcode Use

  • class : Adds CSS class to container DIV
  • width : Inline CSS width of container DIV
  • zebra : Whether to add CSS class of debt_row_odd to odd table rows, making the table alternating colors (called zebrastriping)
  • legend : Add a legend to the form with the specified text

Sample code:

[debtcalculator class="sampleCssClass" width="100%" zebra="false" legend="Your Debt Snapshot"]

The form’s container DIV will have class “sampleCssClass” and will be 100% wide. The table will NOT be zebrastriped, and the legend text will be “Your Debt Snapshot”.

Calculator Demo

Below is a demo of the plugin in action, using the code [debtcalculator width=”100%” legend=”Your Debt Snapshot”]

[debtcalc width=”100%” legend=”Your Debt Snapshot”]

Whaddaya think?

As you can see, it’s functional, easy to use, and the numbers may be scary!

Drop a line if you have any feature requests or recommendations.

  • http://resolvemanagementplan.co.uk jason


    when I changed the currency to £ my page just displays with a sqaure where the pound symbol should be after you enter details….

    • http://www.katzwebservices.com Zack Katz

      Instead of directly typing in the pound symbol, type in this: £

      That should fix it!

  • http://resolvemanagementplan.co.uk jason

    Thanks tried that but doesnt work I just get £500 for example.

  • http://resolvemanagementplan.co.uk jason

    To make it clear this is what I did.

    function asMoney(a, b) {
            b = {
                cpos: true,
                currency: “£”,
                precision: 2,
                decimals: “.”,
                thousands: “,”

  • http://resolvemanagementplan.co.uk jason

    Unicode is the key to this……u00A3

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  • Kasmin

    Hi Zack,

    I have problem while downloading the plugin.

    The zip file is 0kb and I can’t extract the zip file, it shows an error massage.

  • Rich

    I downloaded the plugin and there is now a debt reduction drop down under plugins on my dashboard. When I go there it wants me to enter code in a text box. I enter the short code you provided, but nothing happens anywhere. I don’t have any widget to drag over to the sidebar and no other changes I can see. I’m not a tech savy person so any help will have to be step by step. Thanks,

  • http://infobytes.in Infoman

    Hai Zack,
    How can I add the Indian Rs symbol?

    • http://www.katzwebservices.com Zack Katz

      @Infoman – Replace currency: "$" with currency: "u20A8"

  • http://infobytes.in Infoman

    Thanks Zack

  • http://infobytes.in Infoman

    It works fine and some feature requests
    1) option to enter monthly interest rate, which will automatically calculate yearly interest
    2) Reset button
    Thanks for this tool