SEO Tutorial

How to get better search results with 5 simple steps

Search Engine Optimization is not voodoo; it directly translates into how well your website performs.  The Ignite Matchmaking website was not performing well last September for their main keywords.  Katz Web Design redesigned their site, optimized the site for their keywords, and now, look at their ranking:

  • Denver professional matchmaker: 1
  • Denver match makers: 2 (up from under 1000)
  • Denver matchmaking services: 2 
  • Denver matchmakers: 2 (up from 284)
  • Denver matchmaker: 3 (up from 508)
  • Matchmaking denver: 4 
  • Denver matchmaking: 5 (up from 112)

Currently, I am working with my client Savory Cuisines Catering in Boulder, CO to improve their ranking.  

The process I will follow to improve their rank:

There are more than five steps to help place higher in search engines, but the five below are simple and straightforward steps that anyone can take to improve their rank.

  1. I set up a blog for them to announce catering events and news.  This will enable them to consistently update their site with content relevant to their industry and area (Boulder, Colorado).
  2. Next, I check what their online competitors are doing.  Their main competitor for the keyphrase “Boulder catering” has lots more incoming links.
    • Some of these links are for sponsoring events in the community
    • Some links are from vendors and venues they have worked with
    • A few of the links are personal websites and blogs
  3. I asked Savory Cuisines for a list of their vendors and venues.  I will contact these vendors and ask to have reciprocal links be added to their website.
  4. I will notify industry blogs and forums that Savory Cuisines has started their own blog.  The blogs that matter most are the ones with high traffic and no “nofollow” tags.
  5. Now they have a blog, I will sign them up for Technorati and similar websites for additional exposure.

Ranking in search engines is not a one-time process; you can update, refine, and improve your rank over months and years.  If there’s a rush, rush it. If there’s no rush, don’t worry!  Make small steps toward your SEO goals.

By Zack Katz

Zack Katz is the founder of GravityKit and TrustedLogin. He lives in Leverett, Massachusetts with his wife Juniper.