Have you ever wanted to take a form submission and show the results on a website? That’s what GravityView does.

GravityView integrates with the popular Gravity Forms plugin and makes it easy to display entries on your website.

  • Embed Gravity Forms entry data in a post or a page
  • Control what data is displayed using a drag & drop interface
  • Moderate what entries are visible before they appear on your website
  • Allow users to edit the entries they created
  • …and more

If you’re using Gravity Forms, you’ll want GravityView.

  • Na Wash

    Hi, my name is Ayman. I was a big fan of your lottery numbers application but then out of the blue, it stopped working correctly. It will Install just fine but when I go to view it, its doesnt appear. Someone help. Every time I log on my page, it causes a bit of anxiety because I used it for my business. Would love some help if you could. Would pay for this service too. It says it was updated two days ago but it is still not functioning properly. Can you email me and tell me if I am doing anything wrong. My email is @zackkatz Thanks!