Get URL for Searches in Safari 6

There have been many articles and conversations about the question of how to get the URL of a Google search in Safari 6. Some solutions include using the Terminal to get the URL, using AppleScript,  using bookmarklets, and using Automator. I created a Safari Extension to make this process easier.

Get URL: Easily get the URL of your current tab.

With my Get URL Safari Extension, simply click the toolbar button for a popup that contains the URL of the current page. The URL is already selected, making it simple to copy.

Download the Get URL Safari Extension
(.safariextz, 46 kb)

Update: I’ve received notice from Apple that the extension will be available in the Safari Extensions Gallery. Look for it there soon!

  • darien

    Installed it, enabled it, quit and relaunched Safari 6, but no button appears in the toolbar or in the Customize Toolbar window.

    • Zack Katz

      Strange. Thanks for the heads up – I’ll check it out.

    • Zack Katz

      Sorry for the issue – please try again; it should work.

  • Frank Cioffi

    Very nice. Thanks!!! Now I will pay you to return the feature that lets you, in Contacts, copy the URL of the current Safari page and insert it into a Contacts file!!

  • Frank Cioffi

    Hi there. Just like your other commenter stated, this extension does not stay loaded after you quit and restart Safari. Will here be a fix?

    • Zack Katz

      What operating system are you running (Lion or Mountain Lion)?

      What version of Safari are you using?

      • Frank Cioffi

        Mountain Lion 10.8.1 and Safari 6.0

      • Frank Cioffi

        Actually, I just discovered that this DOES work well under another user, so I must have a corrupt preferences file. The problem seems to be on my end.

        • Zack Katz

          Ah, great – thanks for the update!

  • JR

    Zack, I can’t seem to find the GetURL Safari extension on the Safari extensions gallery. Do you have the link? Many thanks.

    • Zack Katz

      It’s not in there yet. You need to install from this site.

  • bvwredux

    Thanks, works just fine!

  • Mr. Mac

    why an extension if simply highlighting by double clicking the URL does exactly the same? Thanks.

    • Terryfic

      Because double-clicking the URL does not select the URL in say, a Google image search.

  • Oliver Jobson

    This could be very useful if it automatically copied the text to the clipboard. As it is, I can just double click…

    • Zack Katz

      This didn’t used to be the case. It used to be very hard to get the link!

  • Dale Rogers

    Works great. Thanks.

  • luke

    This is perfect, thank you!

  • Terryfic

    This is great; thanks! I’m a web developer and often need a quick check of the url and parameters. This gives me that exactly. Even in the old days, to see the entire URL you might have to use the insertion point and scroll to the end. Not any more!