Get URL for Searches in Safari 6

There have been many articles and conversations about the question of how to get the URL of a Google search in Safari 6. Some solutions include using the Terminal to get the URL, using AppleScript,  using bookmarklets, and using Automator. I created a Safari Extension to make this process easier.

Get URL: Easily get the URL of your current tab.

With my Get URL Safari Extension, simply click the toolbar button for a popup that contains the URL of the current page. The URL is already selected, making it simple to copy.

Download the Get URL Safari Extension
(.safariextz, 46 kb)

Update: I’ve received notice from Apple that the extension will be available in the Safari Extensions Gallery. Look for it there soon!

  • darien

    Installed it, enabled it, quit and relaunched Safari 6, but no button appears in the toolbar or in the Customize Toolbar window.

    • Zack Katz

      Strange. Thanks for the heads up – I’ll check it out.

    • Zack Katz

      Sorry for the issue – please try again; it should work.

  • Frank Cioffi

    Very nice. Thanks!!! Now I will pay you to return the feature that lets you, in Contacts, copy the URL of the current Safari page and insert it into a Contacts file!!

  • Frank Cioffi

    Hi there. Just like your other commenter stated, this extension does not stay loaded after you quit and restart Safari. Will here be a fix?

    • Zack Katz

      What operating system are you running (Lion or Mountain Lion)?

      What version of Safari are you using?

      • Frank Cioffi

        Mountain Lion 10.8.1 and Safari 6.0

      • Frank Cioffi

        Actually, I just discovered that this DOES work well under another user, so I must have a corrupt preferences file. The problem seems to be on my end.

        • Zack Katz

          Ah, great – thanks for the update!

  • JR

    Zack, I can’t seem to find the GetURL Safari extension on the Safari extensions gallery. Do you have the link? Many thanks.

    • Zack Katz

      It’s not in there yet. You need to install from this site.

  • bvwredux

    Thanks, works just fine!

  • Mr. Mac

    why an extension if simply highlighting by double clicking the URL does exactly the same? Thanks.

  • Oliver Jobson

    This could be very useful if it automatically copied the text to the clipboard. As it is, I can just double click…

    • Zack Katz

      This didn’t used to be the case. It used to be very hard to get the link!