How to Email Pictures from iPhoto Using

Update: If you are using iPhoto 11, you can simply go to "Preferences > Email photos using"
Update: If you are using iPhoto 11, you can simply go to Preferences > “Email photos using”

iPhoto Email Fail

iPhoto Mail App
The Best Kitties; The Worst Email App

iPhoto 11 added an awful new built-in email service that replaces the previous functionality: when sending an email, it used to open the Mail application and attach the photos to a new email. Now, it uses a terribly designed built-in email functionality that ruins everything.

Here’s how to get back in iPhoto

Open the Terminal application.

Enter the following in Terminal: `defaults write EmailApp Mail`

Restart iPhoto and you’re all set.

If you change your mind, and you want to revert to using iPhoto’s email client, enter this in the Terminal: `defaults write EmailApp iPhoto`

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