10 Things a Day: My New Schedule

My wife and I had coffee last Thursday to discuss our new plans: we are going to have a daily schedule that we follow that will help us avoid distractions and keep us focused.  Here’s my daily schedule that we pieced together:

  1.  Make list of daily tasks and define the Main Project for the day
  2. Check and respond to emails & voice messages 
  3. Tidy up my desk and do administrative tasks (invoicing, late payment notifications)
  4. Write a post to my blog
  5. Take a break for 30 minutes, including checking Google ReaderMacNN, and other favorite sites like Woot.com
  6. Check my clients website ranking with my Rank Tracker software
  7. Work on a website design mock in Illustrator for 1 hour
  8. Take a 40 minute lunch break
  9. Work on the Main Project for 2.5 hours
  10. Chisel away at the rest of my list until 5:00pm
So, that’s my day plan.  Sticking to the plan is the hard part 🙂

Author: Zack Katz

Zack Katz is the President of Katz Web Services and the developer of WordPress plugins with over 700,000 downloads. He lives in Southwest Colorado with his wife and two cats.

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