Amazon Marketplace to the rescue

I have lots of DVDs that have only watched once.   I have many books that I will never read again.  I wanted to sell them for money.  Should be easy, right?  Well it turns out, it is!  Amazon Marketplace is a simple solution.

So easy, you can’t afford not to sell your DVDs

Amazon makes it super-simple to sell your old books and DVDs by simply entering in the ISBN of the book, then deciding how much to sell it for.  They decide the shipping cost (which is always more than enough for DVD’s, sometimes you take a loss for books), and then that’s that.Over the past two weeks, I have sold around 15 DVDs and 3 books, without any of the hassle of eBay.  I was dreading the whole process, but Amazon proved the easiest option.

 eBay has lost my business

 Another benefit of Amazon Marketplace is that you don’t pay anything up front.  I never liked having to pay a listing fee on eBay — my reason for selling items it to MAKE money, not spend it!  Amazon takes a chunk out of your sales, but they let you know how much, so you can plan (and price) accordingly.  In addition, the 18 or so items have all sold within two weeks — some of them instantly.  It’s refreshing to not have to wait for an auction to end for an item to sell. isn’t worth my trouble

Because I’ve had such bad experiences with eBay (somehow I can never achieve the sales price I want!), I have not even given eBay’s Amazon wanna-be service a try.  I can just imagine they charge too much, or something. It doesn’t even matter what they offer.  Amazon’s always treated me right, and eBay’s often done me wrong. Customer loyalty truly does matter.

By Zack Katz

Zack Katz is the creator of GravityView and the President of Katz Web Services. He lives in Leverett, Massachusetts with his wife and cute beast of a cat.

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Glad you like it. If you have any questions or suggestions on what you’d like to see more of, let me know.

Great information. I gave up on ebay selling other items and rarely got any sales. I never considered Amazon Marketplace, but getting the information from someon that does not benefit whether I sell there or not even makes it more acceptable. Thank you for taking your time to write this.

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