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Gravity Forms + Directory Capabilities

Since Gravity Forms came out, it’s been transforming how WordPress can be used. It makes a contact form more than a contact form. It makes a contact form the basis for anything you can imagine.

The Gravity Forms Addons plugin has added Directory capability to Gravity Forms.

The directory shortcode

You can add a directory for any form using the directory shortcode. When you add the plugin, you’ll see a new button to the right of the Gravity Forms “Add Gravity Form” button. This pop-up has lots of configuration options. Click the “Show advanced settings” link for tons of configuration options.

Gravity Forms is Great. Let’s Make it Better.

To view one pane, the other panes close. What a pane in the ass! :-)
To view one pane, the other panes close. What a pane in the ass! 🙂

I really enjoy the Gravity Forms plugin. It’s a great form generator seemingly based on making a Wufoo-style experience for a WordPress form plugin.  It’s super-simple to use and set up, and I’ve set up my website request form using Gravity Forms.

Some little things make a big difference

One thing that has frustrated me about the plugin is that when selecting the type of field to add to the form, I had to click a box to show it, like the image to the right.  I knew that it would be a simple thing to fix…so I did.  Enter the Gravity Forms Addon plugin.

Add Edit Link

Gravity Forms Edit LinkWhen using Gravity Forms as a tool for managing a directory listing site, I often wanted to directly edit an entry on the Entries page. Instead, you must click View, then click Edit Entry. Not anymore!

Access Form & Form Entries with PHP Functions

If you want to be able to easily access form data for displaying on a website, use the functions below.

  • get_gf_form($id, $display_title=true, $display_description=true)
    Returns a form using php instead of shortcode.
    Example: echo get_gf_form(1);
  • get_gf_leads($form_id, $sort_field_number=0, $sort_direction='DESC', $search='', $offset=0, $page_size=3000, $star=null, $read=null, $is_numeric_sort = false, $start_date=null, $end_date=null)
    Returns array of leads for a specific form.
    Example: $leads = get_gf_leads(1, 1.4, 'ASC'); foreach($leads as $lead) { ... }
  • get_gf_field_label($form_id, $field_id)
    Gives you the label for a form input (such as First Name). Enter in the form and the field ID to access the label.
    Example: echo get_gf_field_label(1,1.3);
  • get_gf_field_value_long($leadid, $fieldid)
    To retrieve textarea inputs from a lead.  By default, long entries are truncated and stored in a separate database table.
    Example: get_gf_field_value_long(22, '14');
  • get_gf_field_value($leadid, $fieldid)
    To retrieve inputs from a lead.
    Example: get_gf_field_value(22, '14');

More improvements to come!

I am going to be using this plugin a lot, and customizing it a lot…so I will be making lots of additions to this plugin in the future.

Add Fields Panes with the Gravity Forms Addons plugin activated
Add Fields Panes with the Gravity Forms Addons plugin activate

Leave your wish list below

I am open to suggestions on what to add to the Gravity Forms Addons plugin. Leave a wish below!

327 replies on “Improve Gravity Forms – Gravity Forms Addons Plugin”

Glad you’re liking Gravity Forms and it’s great to see you getting involved and making things happen. Some of the things you’ve mentioned have been discussed and are already on the drawing board for future versions of Gravity Forms. We may add some extra configuration options in as we go along for layout, interface preferences, etc.
As a side note, you mentioned the description placement on your proposal form, you can pretty easily reposition those with a few CSS changes. I copied your form and threw this together quickly.. notice the descriptions below the labels and above the form fields.
I realize this isn’t a replacement for a placement preference in the admin, but you can still format the forms on the front end to suit with a little bit of effort.
Here’s the CSS I created (unique to your form of course, but you can get the idea)
We’ll look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future. Keep us updated.

Kevin, thanks for the CSS suggestion and the time you spent on that. I look forward to future Gravity Forms versions, and continuing to work with you guys and your product.

Any chance you can create an addon that lets Gravity forms submit events to a Google Calendar?  I know the Google API lays it out pretty well but I’ve not been able to connect the two.
I’d be happy to pay for this development if you can do it relatively soon.

Anyway to add a feature that lets users attach or upload a file with the form? And if possible can we restrict what is uploaded.
Awesome plugin.

I’ve tried a few times now, but haven’t found a good way to do it, because of how the form code is structured. Before Ajax, I will release other things like easy validation setup.

I’m super busy now with client work, so I’ve not been able to package and test what I have, but I have lots of fun new code to release shortly.

I just bought gravity forms for my real estate website. I want to use it as a lead capture tool. Is there any way to make the form either redirect to my framed in idx on my site or pop up like my lightbox pictures fading out the rest of the page until filled out first? Any suggestions would help. Im not a wordpress pro, just a beginning trying it on my own.

I’ve already done it, and it wasn’t hard. I’m going to be doing a write-up on it once the site has launched. Here’s the gist though: have a Admin field for “published,” and use the built-in “starred” field for whether or not the listing is featured.

It’s a very elegant plugin.


Yes great plugin.
I want to be able to use as a signup page
so any chance that after the user fills the form with their
detail they would be send to paypal for payment.
How I do that?

You can have a custom redirect page set up when you edit the form, choose the “Confirmation” tab, and select a redirect page for PayPal, and you can even pass custom cost variables based on the user’s submissions.

I would like to integrate it with wordpress´s user login data (username and password), so that he user can retrieve and modify information that has been previously entered in the form.

I moving from cforms11 to gravity forms.  cforms11 had a sidebar width that all my forms on the site were on but they weren’t flexible in sizing to go post size for some and sidebar size for others.  cforms11 also stopped working, though the forms were in tact, submit buttons wouldn’t work after every wordpress upgrade. GF comes highly recommended and I like what I see already.  Is there a way to change CSS somehow to adjust the width of the input boxes so they will fit in the sidebars for some and yet still remain wide enough for post pages, too?  Please advise!

That is something you will need to do with CSS, with separate styles for your sidebar and your main content area. Gravity Forms uses .gform_wrapper as the containing class for its forms. You can use #sidebar .gform_wrapper input.medium and #content_box .gform_wrapper input.medium to specify different widths for standard text inputs. It will require some knowledge of CSS, but you can try!

Is it possible to use this form as an order form where values are entered and it calculates a total? if not would you be interested in creating one for me for a price? Hope to hear from you.

It’s possible to do anything with Gravity Forms. I mean that!

They offer a bunch of hooks to work with form data (used in WordPress, hooks mean actions or filters, and allow developers to easily modify content).

I am not available to work on your project, but know that it is possible!

I have been receiving this error when activating the plugin.
Fatal error: Class ‘RGForms’ not found in /home/content/somesite/html/wp-content/plugins/gravity-forms-addons/gravity-forms-addons.php on line 54

I’m getting the same error:
Fatal error: Class ‘RGForms’ not found in /home7/searcha6/public_html/arlingtondailyhomes/wp-content/plugins/gravity-forms-addons/gravity-forms-addons.php on line 54

I am getting the same error: Fatal error: Class ‘RGForms’ not found in /home/content/f/r/v/frven2010/html/wp-content/plugins/gravity-forms-addons/gravity-forms-addons.php on line 32

Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: rgforms in /home/wp-content/plugins/gravity-forms-addons/gravity-forms-addons.php on line 54
Plugin installed and activated… wordpress 2.9.2

I get this Error, when I want to activate the correct installed Gravity Forms plugin.

Works on my hostgator server but not on yahoos.
Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in/wp-content/plugins/gravityforms/gravityforms.php on line 43

Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: rgforms in /wp-content/plugins/gravity-forms-addons/gravity-forms-addons.php on line 54

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Fatal error: Class ‘RGForms’ not found in /hermes/bosweb/web226/b2261/ipg.hankfornewbergorg/wp/wp-content/plugins/gravity-forms-addons/gravity-forms-addons.php on line 54

Yep same fatal error when trying to install. I’m on wordpress 2.9.2 running a site on hostmonster, server is running  PHP 5

What’s the checkmark in the screenshot you just posted? Is that something custom?
I’ve been trying to replace entries with images (i.e. instead of an “approved” radio button, a checkmark)…

Hey there. I would like to be able to fetch values from the gravity forms tables to place in a post (as I don’t want to use custom fields for various reasons) so I tried your PHP functions but no luck. Please could you point me (a php noob) in the right direction about what I should place where and perhaps an example.
Your help would be much appreciated.

To update, I managed to get the “get_gf_field_value_long($leadid, $fieldid)" working, but I can’t seem to get any shorter values. What code should I use for that?
By the way, I love the expanded field selectors!!!

Hi Zack,
I have a special request:
I am planning on building a form that will be sent to different WP users depending on which dropdown the user selected in the form (i.e. sales dept., marketing dept., tech dept. etc…)
What I would like to do is have a filter on the entries page in the back end specific users can see only their specific leads.  for example:  only the marketing dept. will see it’s own leads and not see the tech dept. leads.
Can this be done?

@Dan Stramer: Yes, Dan, it can be done. 🙂 That’s all user permissions stuff, and would likely require some work to do. Read: lots of work. Good luck!

I would like to be able to forward an entry onto another email address directly from the entries listing. I’ve got a form that emails enquiries to different people depending on the department the user chose from a dropdown – but if someone is away or hasn’t responded, the admin staff would like to be able to forward the original message to someone else. Is that kind of thing possible?

@Kay: Thanks for the recommendation. In the next couple of months, I’m going to be spending lots of time making the directory functionality easy to use, as well as implementing some of these ideas.

I like this idea, and it’s possible, but the key is to do it without having to modify Gravity Forms so that it upgrades properly. When I work on the updates, I’ll look into this.

Same fatal error – Class ‘RGFormsModel’ not found in /home2/fishy/ on line 54
and it’s hose my entire blog (get the fatal error everywhere now).
How do I fix this?

PS… yes I had a working, purchased version of Gravity Forms already installed… (I read the comment above).

this is a great plugin.
do you have a how to or are you planning one for people who don’t know how to code?
I’d love to be able to display entered form data in a table similar to what is shown on the backend but in a post or page.
perhaps creating shortcodes for this?

yay! i love you. ive already had my kids but if i hadn’t i’d put you on the list of people i’d promised my first born too. 🙂

i can bump you up the list depending on when the next version is coming out.

Hey Zack, is there any way to retrieve a single textarea input from a specific lead when not a “long” value?

@Hayden – In version 1.3 of the plugin (just released), there’s a new function: get_gf_field_value($leadid, $fieldid) that will detect if it’s long or normal. That should do it for you!

I really like Gravity Forms, and am looking forward to trying out your plugin for the “Directory Management” capabilities.

I see that you’ve created plugins for integrating forms with popular 3rd party services. I’d like to be able to post form data to an API, beyond just the 3 they’ve configured.

I’ve seen another Form plugin, use a custom url builder, where you can use the shortcodes to input the form field data into a custom built url for posting data to a third party API.

I wonder if you’ve done any thought on adding functionality using GF built-in hooks. I know they are using those same hooks to integrate with MailChimp, and the other 2 API’s.


Cannot activate purchased version of Gravity forms. Receiving the following error. Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /blog/wp-content/plugins/gravityforms/gravityforms.php on line 53

@lenah: That error message is coming from Gravity Forms itself, not Gravity Forms Addons. You should contact the plugin developers on their support page.

I decided to try-out your plug-in today and experienced a bit of a problem: when I activate the Add Ons plugin, I have to disable javascript in my browser to keep the Add Fields section in one place; otherwise, it literally scrolls to the bottom of the page as I scroll down but drops too far down below the custom form, so I can’t select an option from the Post field. When I disable javascript in my browser, the Add Fields box stays put at the top of the page, but I’m unable to edit my forms because javascript has been disabled.

Not sure to how to solve this one…. Any suggestions? My version of Gravity Forms is 1.3.13 in WordPress 3.0.1 .


Also forgot to add that the open/close effect of the Add Fields box is disabled when I activate the Add Ons plugin and they no longer respond (open or close). When I deactivate the Add Ons plugin, normal Gravity Forms functions are reestablished.

Thanks again,

Hi !

Great Plugin.

I urgently need on other extension.

I need a function to display a gravity-form with custom-fields as a meta-box at the backend.
So it’s possible to easily edit the entries at the backend.
All front-end features should be implemented.

I realy want to pay for this.


This is great! Is there any way to display just the number (an integer value) of leads/entries for a particular form? Thanks.

Never mind, I figured it out. Use $count = $wpdb->get_var($wpdb->prepare("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM wp_rg_lead WHERE form_id=1;"));
echo $count;

A key roadblock to using Gravity forms – unless there is some solution!

Replace browser based file upload with a flash based multi-file upload (as primary). ex: uploadify plugin

Connect Gravity Forms saved data to shopping cart.

Ex: I sell digital services that a customer configures using the form. Thereafter I want them to pay for the service and use form data to process the order.

Any ideas? please adviase

I am surprised – that I cannot find any flash upload tool for gravity forms. It’s critical to my work flow.. ( people upload a multiple files with every form submit). Any tips / ideas / consulting available to add a flash file uploader to gravity forms?

Also, what is the best way to show logged in users, previously filled out form entries?


This is just an SEO page, the author said he would work on a feature in Nov 2009. He has not done anything.

I just downloaded and installed Gravity Forms 4.1 and Gravity Forms Addons Plugin 2.01
When I insetr a directory link into a page and run the test I am getting this error Warning: in_array() []: Wrong datatype for second argument in /home/nichemar/public_html/wp-content/plugins/gravity-forms-addons/directory.php (line 522, 528 and 184)

I installed Directory & AddOn with Gravity Forms 1.4.2
However, the bar side of Gravity Forms hours can not be reduced more and does not allow me to apply the buttons Fields.
This is a bug?
Help me?

Hi Zack,

I would be so grateful if you could help me with the following. I want to show the entries in the frontend BUT only for those who give permission to have their information made public. How do I set this up?

Thank you so much!

@Rebecca: Here’s how to do it:
Make a checkbox field in your form with a label of Approved. (Clarification: the Field Label can be anything (‘Do you give us permission to display this listing on our website?’), but under Choices, to the right of the checkbox itself, it must say Approved. In the Advanced tab of that same field, make sure that Visibility is set as Everyone.

Ok, so that makes it so that the Approved label works. But now, the form will still only recognize fields that are Admin-only as the Approved column (don’t know why I thought that was a good idea…?). Go to line 554 of the plugin, and find:

if(strtolower($input['label']) == 'approved' && $col['type'] == 'checkbox' && !empty($col['adminOnly'])) {

Replace with:

if(strtolower($input['label']) == 'approved' && $col['type'] == 'checkbox') {

That should work. In future versions, I will make the “Approved” text configurable so this will be more flexible.

Feel free to donate if this helped 😉

Interested in using this plugin to display user submitted data from a Gravity form. Basically, a visitor would input their info and that info would be viewable, via a password, on our website in a table. In addition, the submitted data would need to be searchable.

I was directed here by Gravity Forms in hopes your plugin would do the trick.


@iamjimpa: I don’t have any examples, but I promise it’ll work. If you need help once you’ve got things basically set up, let me know.

I’d appreciate if you used this link to purchase the plugin: Gravity Forms – it’s the only compensation I get for free support and plugin development.

The icon for “Add a Gravity Forms Directory” no longer works. Nothing pops up or happens when you click it. But the “Add Gravity Form” icon does work, and pops up as usual. This seems to have just happend after the upgrade.

I am glad this isn’t just me. I installed the plug-in, but, as with @mobile2, the button does not allow for inserting a directory. Clicking the button does nothing.

Any help?

I tried using both Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. The button is an active link, but clicking the button does not have any response.

I’d be happy to pay for your assistance to get these features working.


Any thoughts on getting this button to function? This is the last step I need to do in order to launch a new site. Would greatly appreciate any help you can provide.


I was able to get this functioning using the “Install A Directory” form at the bottom of a page.

Assuming the same functionality is available via this tool my issue is no longer a problem. I would still like to get this functionality from the insert button.

@iamjimpa: thanks that works for me also..

@Zack: do you know what this is caused by? Its appearing on my page with the included form display variables.

Warning: in_array() []: Wrong datatype for second argument in /var/www/mob1/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/gravity-forms-addons/directory.php on line 184


I have a bunch of suggestions, as your directory tool is one of the best out there, but it is missing some key features:

1) Filtering entries by category, or by any other attribute (ie: “only show entries with a city value of San Jose”)

2) Hierarchical categorization, counts of resources per category

3) Just a straight up search box that then takes you to a list of results in your table format, perhaps dynamically using some sort of Ajax-like thing.

4) Google Maps integration? I know this may seem like a stretch, but I’m using this to list environmental organizations and it would be great to be able to show a map view instead or along side a table view.

5) It would be really nice to be able to get in and edit/control the content that will be displayed within your embed code.

I’ll have more comments later, I’m sure. Thanks for creating this resource!


A question: I only want to show entries to non-Admins that have been approved. I thought I followed your directions and created a checkbox form field that is labeled “Approved” and has only one checkbox that you can click on that also says “Approved”. When I check this box, the entry does not show up in my larger list. Is there an obvious/easy way to fix this?

I want to remove the referrer info from the notification emails – is there a way I can do this and still retain the other functionality of the plugin?


@zack: Assuming you mean the file /wp-includes/functions.php, where in the file should this be added? I’d like to remove the referrer info as well.


@iamjimpa: No, I don’t mean that. I mean /wp-content/themes/your-theme/functions.php. Put it right before the bottom of the file. If there is a ?> , put it before that.

Im trying to display the directory, but it wont show more then 5 cloumns on the page, the rest get hidden.

Any suggestions? Ive tried 3 themes, and tried changing the padding in directory.php didn’t seem to do anything. It never shows more then 5 columns.

I’m trying to display a directory in alphabetical order according to last name. I found the ID for the last name field and have that entered on the Advanced Settings when I insert the directory form. However, the names are in Z –> A order …

I’d like it to be in ascending order, or A –> Z order. How can I do this?


The plugin shortcode supports sort direction: [directory form="1" dir="ASC"] is ascending, and [directory form="1" dir="DESC"] is descending. Let me know if this doesn’t work, and we’ll see what we can do!

Is there a live and working directory that’s powered by this WordPress plugin? I’m already a Gravity Forms users, but I’d love to see a working example before I try this plugin. Thanks!

I second EnviroLinks request for google maps integration. I use geo-mashup on a couple of projects and am happy with the plugin… would be great to have geo-mashup integrated with Gravity forms… there was talk of custom fields to achieve this in January on the GF site but not seen anything since then…?


I left a link in the support forum but as it was my first post I am not sure I put it in the right place but here is the link
I am having the same problem with the add field to form fix as another user and would really appreciate your help on how to make the post title display as an url to the post the form creates – can this be done?
I love this plugin by the way and really hope you continue to develop it…

Zach. let me declare my relative ignorance up-front as I am learning WP and Gravity Forms. If you go to and click Sign-up and click Exhibitors you find the form that collects the data that I wish to display.

I wish to format a “template” Directory page that will automatically take in the form input and display it in its formatted display. It seems like you are headed that way but I cannot tell upfront the degree to which what you have will fulfill my application.

In that this is a “making a job out of no jobs around” venture, budget is limited but I’m not looking for something for nothing. Please give me your thoughts. You can email me or you are also welcome to call me on my cell (843) 290-2917.



I have two quick questions after a bit of research – I haven’t found the answers…
1. I deleted a directory to change the format, but when I posted a new directory for the same data, the entries that were previously submitted and still recorded in the administration entry area were not displayed on the directory page. How can I get the directory to display both old and new entries from the same form?

2. And more importantly, can you delete an entry from the directory? (For example, if someone on my list leaves my organization, and I want to remove their name, but not redo the whole list.)

Thanks – Kim

I installed the plugin (and Gravity forms) and can see the part where you edit the columns in the directory for the form. When I go to the page to create a page with an instance of the directory on it, I do not have a “Create Directory” icon next to the “Gravity Forms” icon image.

I have the latest version of the plugin and the latest version of Gravity forms installed. I saw in the release notes that you had fixed a previous error with the visibility of the directory button – is this the error and does it still exist?

Thank you for creating the plugin – I am very excited to be able to use it after working out this issue.

@Kisten Brooks: Are you using Internet Explorer? I have a feeling it may be an IE issue. Please try using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari and let me know if it works. If so, we’ll have identified the problem.


We really like the search feature on the directory, but we just have one question. The answer is probably pretty simple, but I just can’t figure it out. The table is a little too wide for the page, and I would like to reduce the padding or margins, but I’m not having any luck.

Could you point me in the right direction please?



With the panes always staying open and them floating on the side of the page… I never get to see or utilize the options below “Title” and “Body” because they float below my screen. Anyway I can fix that?

Is there a way to display the directory results as a list rather than as a table?

I’d like entries to look more like this:

Strike Zone
2771 West New Haven Avenue
Melbourne, FL 32904
[email protected]
Live and Frozen Bait & Tackle Shop
M-F 8am – 6pm, Sat 8am-5pm, Sun 9am-4pm

I’m collecting all the data in fields via Gravity Forms, but the tabular view isn’t really a good choice for display. Suggestions?

If other people want this feature, let me know and I’ll add it to the plugin.

For now, you could modify the output using a filter that replaces all the <tr> and <td> and <table>‘s with <li> and <ul>‘s…it would take some work, but it’s possible.

Hi Zack,
It would be great if you add options instead of table. We want to re design our output.
Alper Sari

add_filter (‘the_content’, ‘table_ul’,999);
function table_ul($content) {
$content = preg_replace(“/]*>|]*>/”,””, $content);
$content = preg_replace(“/]*>.*|]*>.*/is”,””, $content);
$content = preg_replace(“/]*>/”,””, $content);
$content = preg_replace(“/]*>/”,””, $content);
$content = preg_replace(“/]*>/”,””, $content);
$content = preg_replace(“/]*>/”,””, $content);
return $content;


I’ve printed out
get_gf_leads(1, $sort_field_number=0, $sort_direction=’DESC’, $search=”, $offset=0, $page_size=3000, $star=null, $read=null, $is_numeric_sort = false, $start_date=null, $end_date=null)
in the theme index page and haven’t seen image field data.

I would like to modify the output, what should I do=?

Thanks a lot,

I mean: When I try to get fields and their data I can handle fields except image and textarea fields. I can’t get data for this type of fields.

Hello again,

Directory list can’t retrieve any information for image and textarea type fields.


I need a lot of things done to the output display for my non-profit client and don’t have any php skills at all. I would like to hire someone to do these things or have someone tell me how:
1 – I want to be able to show all the data entered for a specific entry, not just the 7 columns that are shown right now. We have approximately 10 fields to show. I have figured out how to order the columns, but that doesn’t solve my problem.

2 – Even better than accomplishing the above would be finding a way to make one of the field’s entries become a link to the full entry data (aside from admin only data). This would not be in column form but would be more narrative like this since it would apply to one entry:
First Name: Amy
Last Name: George
Specialties: Pediatrics, Dentistry

3 – On the fields I have set up with checkboxes, when I display the results in the columns, it shows each checkbox item as its own column. Instead I’d prefer that it show the main field name, then all the checked items that apply within that entry to appear on their own line like this:
Medical Specialty:

Not like this (as it does now):
Perinatology Dentistry Pediatrics
Is there a way to fix this? I tried using radio buttons, but that won’t work for data entry as it forces the user to just pick one item and doesn’t allow for the possibilities of multiple selections at a time like the checkbox will.

4 – Is there a way to create a page that shows just entries that contain certain identifiers? For example, if I wanted a directory display page that only showed entries where the pediatric specialty was a checked box, how would I do that? Is there some long string URL that I could use to create that page?

Many thanks in advance. I’m hoping we can make this plugin and gravity forms (purchased through your link, Zach) work for our needs.

Hi Amy,
Great questions and suggestions.

For question 1, I believe that the installation instructions, #2 should allow you to add all the columns you want.

Item 2 – I will consider adding this to the core plugin. There are a lot of ways this could be done, so it’s going to take some thinking through.

Item 3 and 4 are both related, and I don’t know how to fix that issue. I think it would have to be done by filtering the entire plugin output and working with it that way. Yikes!

Thanks for using my link, and I hope my answers help.

We have a directory listing dump saved in a CSV file. Is there a way in which we can import the entries into our new gravity forms directory?.

I cannot get access to my database at the moment, but would importing directly to my database work, if all the fields matched in the SQL. ?

Um, it would be a challenge! Gravity Forms uses three tables to store lead information: rg_lead, rg_lead_detail, and rg_lead_detail_long. As such, there are some very technical hurdles to overcome to import to Gravity Forms.

I’m having a problem showing images in the directory. We are just testing things at the moment, but we do want one of the columns to be displayed as Company Logo, which will show a logo image as the entry. When we check the entries via the back-end of wordpress the image logo is being uploaded, but when we goto view the directory as it will be on our page, only a clickable icon can be seen. How can we get the logo image to display in the directory results.

I’ve just checked via developer tools in Chrome and the image source is being outputed as this.


Hi Jonathan – I just released version 2.3 of the plugin, and it includes a new option: postimage. If you upgrade, you’ll see a new option in the Advanced Options section that allows you to choose to display an icon (default) or the image itself.

There’s also now a filter that allows you to modify each entry’s image individually or en masse.

i’m stuck on step four of the installation:

“4.# Click “Add a Gravity Forms Directory” button (likely just to the right of the Gravity Forms button)”

this option doesn’t appear anywhere on my page?

I imagine that you are using Internet Explorer and likely a version older than IE 8. Please upgrade your browser or switch to Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. None of these browsers should have that issue.

I imagine that you are using Internet Explorer and likely a version older than IE 8. Please upgrade your browser or switch to Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. None of these browsers should have that issue.

Same here. No such button next to the Gravity Forms button. Looked in IE8, Firefox 3.6.13, Chrome 7, so it’s not the fault of not using a modern browser.

WordPress 3.0.3, Gravity Forms 1.4.5

I’m having the same problem on Firefox. No such button. And still no screenshot to alert me to whether I’m simply looking at the wrong place — or the plug-in doesn’t work.

CSS documentation? I’m trying to find the details on the CSS for this plugin. Using Platform Theme and Gravity Forms, but for some reason the directory posts are all showing up in a completely different font. Is there any documentation on the font sources, as they appear to have a conflict with the core css of some sort.

What is the syntax for the $search=” part of the get_gf_leads function?
I’m trying to limit the returns to just stuff that matches the text of a field in my form.

upon further digging, it looks like this is a part of the search functionality, not to add specific SQL query values like I was hoping. dang.

I can’t seem to figure out how to get the conditional logic to work.
I have a Country dropdown list and a province dd list. I want the province list to show if Canada is selected in the Country dd field. But when I select conditional logic for either, each asks to “show/hide this field if” province is ….”

I like the “idea” of having all the boxes expanded but would like the choice to turn that function off. In order to use it I have to expand my window to full size which I don’t always want to do.

To give a good exemple, does this will make possible to add a phpurchase code like this:

[cart-button item=”CFIS-10815-M” showprice=”only” ]

In our gravity form ?

I’d love to have some hooks like after_form, before_form, after_field, before_field and stuff like that. I need to be able to change the insides of the form.

It’d also be awesome if you could set attachments to the notification emails sent to the users. I’m thinking it can be easily set using WordPress attachments or media section.

Is there a way to put gravity form entries on its own page rather than on the home page ? I want to have a separate page for form entries while being the only one blogging on the home page. I’m currently using thesis 1.8. I editted the code to display the entries on a separate page, but now I want to create a directory in where all my form entries are listed on a different page as posts. I don’t know how to configure it to show the form entries others have entered on my site onto its own page. Basically instead of showing it on the frontend to display them under http://www.sitename/community-reviews/.

this will fix your table to ul conversion problems.

add_filter (‘the_content’, ‘table_ul’,999);
function table_ul($content) {
$content = preg_replace(“/]*>|]*>/”,””, $content);
$content = preg_replace(“/]*>.*|]*>.*/is”,””, $content);
$content = preg_replace(“/]*>/”,””, $content);
$content = preg_replace(“/]*>/”,””, $content);
$content = preg_replace(“/]*>/”,””, $content);
$content = preg_replace(“/]*>/”,””, $content);
return $content;

Where do I put this code in? I have been looking for the code that is not friendly to me to replace with yours but I cannot find it.


I am trying to use this code fix, but its returning a syntax error.
and if i take out the last line it works but no tittles…
please advise

and yes would be nice if the plugin had that option in advance options – convert to list format… opposed to tabular.



another note: the reason i need list format of data is because i have a big form, that dissapears off the screen on output, i think this is the same problem jeff hester posted above.

again this hack seems to work but there are no item titles, just spits the data out..

any help would be appreciated. thanks.

oh another note.. of course since this is a global filter – it kills any other tables you might use around the site.. as might be with some plugins, or even handcoded html

I have added this code to my functions.php file, and I would also like to assign CSS classes to each of my directory lists. How can I do this?

I love the GravityForms_Contact Add oN. But I got this error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare gf_cc_process_field() (previously declared in /home/content/49/3456249/html/wp-content/plugins/gravity-forms-constant-contact/gravity-forms-constant-contact.php:172) in /home/content/49/3456249/html/wp-content/plugins/gravity-forms-constant-contact/gravity-forms-constant-contact.php on line 172

Here is where the form is:


Love the plugin. Was curious as to if you’ve consider some integration with buddy press. Just thinking that given the profiles users already have it would be a more seamless user experience if they could hit a button to send their info to the register.


I’m trying to sort by multiple fields: (eg. Hours, Minutes, Seconds)

Is this possible? sort=”1, 2, 3″ isn’t working.

Is there any way where you can display only certain columns, without using the “admin only” visibility feature? I have a contact form, which has name, email address and comment. On the directory, I would just like name and email address. Is this possible?

Great plugin!

hi i try to add a feature into your add-ons..
I have added one more property(checkbox) on pop-up of post/page editor area.. using directory.php in ‘kws_gf_make_popup_options’ function $entry-entry..

but how im going to passing the shortcode value back to php function ‘kws_gf_lead_detail’?

pls help.. newbie BOBs

I have installed the plugin and everything has worked perfectly. Except my entries aren’t displaying on my directory. I have worked through everything and I’m not finding why entries aren’t showing up.

When I have a URL in the directory and someone clicks on it…it opens it in a lightbox, which is not sizeable and not large enough to show the info. If I turn the lightbox off, the link when clicked on it just loops back to the current site. Any ideas?

Can anybody help shed some light here? I am ready to get going with this directory and can’t figure this one problem out.

See the website URL…if you just hover over it, you will see it is taking you back to the same page, not the actual website address…any clues as to why?


Can anybody help shed some light here? I am ready to get going with this directory and can’t figure this one problem out.

See the website URL…if you just hover over it, you will see it is taking you back to the same page, not the actual website address…any clues as to why?


I see this line item “Has an option to show only approved listings”. I see that I can set this to true in the add-on. But, where do I approve the listing. Is this Gravity Form functionality?

I found how to flag the entry in the plugin code. Am I doing this correctly? I tried Adding a checkbox, name the field label “Approved” with a choice called “Approved”, having the value “Approved”. Although I have 3 approved entries, the page with the short code is saying “This form does not have any entries yet.” Any suggestions?

I got two problems.
First, the shortcode button doesn’t want to insert the code and go away. It just sits there no matter how hard or often I hit “Insert Directory”. “Cancel” doesn’t work either.
Second, While viewing the directory page I get
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in D:xampphtdocswordpresswp-contentpluginsgravity-forms-addonsdirectory.php on line 16
Are you sure you are setting up $atts array properly prior to calling foreach() ?
Gravity forms 1.4.5
Gravity Forms Directory & Addons 2.4.2

What is the story on adding a way to display the directory results as a list rather than as a table?

Hi Zack,
I came across your gravity forms plugin searching for some enhancements for gravity forms content submission. I was very exited reading “Gravity Forms + Directory Capabilities”, but I think I realised this is not exactly what I am looking for cause it dont uses regular WordPress Posts. Correct me if I am wrong.

I am searching for some plugin to enhance the content submission, special moderation of grafity forms submitted wordpress posts, like TDO Mini Forms does.

I have already written in the GF forum what I am searching for

-seperade moderation (approve/denied) interface for submitted posts/content
-notification for submitted, approved and denied with custom email notifications for submitter
-optional autoaproove for users with more then x approved submissions

The way TDO Mini Forms handles user submitted content.

It looks like you are fammiliar with the GF API and developing WP Plugins. Perhaps this could be your next release of gravity forms enhancement plugin? Would be nice to get some Feedback.

Best Regards

Just wondering, how come the sorting function doesn’t work? When I click on a field sorting button, it just says that page cannot be found. Does anyone know what’s up with this?

Any way we can ouput the actual img instead of just the link for the fileupload entry type when you click into the details of a lead? I can make the link into a img for the listing, but when I click in, I don’t know how to change it to img. entry-view-field-value seems to be the foreach field, but I cannot find the place to change its root code. Let me know. Thanks!


I am embedding a form inside a template as I need to render over 800 forms. I am then pulling the directory ID from a custom field for the post. Code I am using to do this is as follows:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[directory form="ID, “directory_number”, true );
if ( $cf_directory_number ) { echo $cf_directory_number; } // End IF Statement
?>” page_size=”20″ search=”true” entry=”true” entrylightbox=”false” entrytitle=”Entry Detail” entrylink=”View full entry” entryth=”More Info” entryback=”? Back to directory” entryonly=”true” entryanchor=”true” approved=”false” showadminonly=”false” wpautop=”true” lightbox=”true” postimage=”image” showcount=”true” pagelinksshowall=”true” showrowids=”true” fulltext=”true” linkemail=”true” linkwebsite=”true” linknewwindow=”false” nofollowlinks=”false” icon=”false” titleshow=”false” searchtabindex=”false” tfoot=”true” thead=”true” dateformat=”false” tableclass=”gf_directory widefat fixed” tablestyle=”” rowclass=”” rowstyle=”” valign=”baseline” sort=”date_created” dir=”DESC” startpage=”1″ pagelinkstype=”plain” titleprefix=”Entries for ” tablewidth=”100%” datecreatedformat=”F j, Y at g:i a” ]’); ?>

However, the directory is showing id 1, not id 3 as is defined in my custom field. Any ideas?


Would be much easier to embed the same directory in every page and pre-sort it by a gravity field in the shortcode, e.g. keep only entries relevant to that post, that would save me having to make 800+ versions of the same post. Any ideas how to do that?

Gravity Forms will tell you what page the form was submitted on…so there’s really no reason to create 800 forms! If you’re creating 800 of anything, chances are there are better ways to approach the problem. Please re-phrase your issue and what you’re trying to achieve so we can put together a good solution.

Great stuff… what I am trying to do is have a user complete a form, excerpts from which then get displayed on a specific page based on the value of a custom field value they choose in one of the fields. You can get the idea here:

Near the bottom of the page there is a section called “Local tourism related businesses”… I need to display the form content there using a different custom field value as filter for over 900 posts.

May do the same thing for the “reports tab” above there, although might be easier to use custom post types for them as there will be a lot of formatting of the report detail lightbox required, to show embedded video and/or image gallery.

ekakatik, i am trying to do a similar thing.
did you guys get any hack on this? do pass the code you have if so. i kind of knows what be needs to be done but not getting it.

i would like to enter this conversation – i think ekajatik is asking for the same thing i need. imagine i have a statewide directory of posts – i would like posts to show up in respect to specific data – in my case city or town. if sombody posts in miami, flordia – the miami page recevies the entries, while not getting posted on new york, new york…

im a newbie and love the package, just need some direction, seems like there would be some obvious shortcode to filter out – but then again i would have to make hundreds of directories to represent the different states..

thanks for any direction.

frank nicol

1. How do you hide the email address so it renders as predefined text such as ’email’
2. How to render a set of defined fields?

Hi Zack,

The Search function does not work. Do you plan on fixing it any time soon? Right now when I click on the search button, it just redirects me to the main page of my site.


hi, i’m using this plugin (newbie) and I would like to ask on how to customize the fileds so that it will accept valid email or name, not just any random value.. thanks,..

I’m impressed with your plugin and I’m having two issues with the plugin presently:
1. The search function doesn’t seem to work; it doesn’t return any results regardless of search string.
2. For my directory listing, it doesn’t show the city and state fields. I don’t enter the whole street address, just the state and city. Any ideas there?
here’s the url:
I suppose I don’t need the city and state to be able to display, but I do need to be able to search by those fields. Thanks for an awesome add-on

I’ve discovered that if listings are limited to those that are approved, the search doesn’t work. Remove that limit and the search works. If anyone find the workaround for that, please post!

When I tried to install this plugin, I get an error message:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method RGForms::add_settings_page() in /opt/lampp/htdocs/wp31/wp-content/plugins/gravity-forms-addons/gravity-forms-addons.php on line 143

I tried to debug this and found the method doesn’t exist in the RGForms class. Any ideas how I can get this to work?

Thanks for any help in advance.

Hi there i am picking up on how GF works over some time, but i want to know how i can customize output to just a single directory – by field ID.

Trying to work on state wide directories, and only want particular posts in that state to show up only in that state.

Or some sort of conditional call if that form is submitted in a particular state – the state field id stores the post on that page only.

If somebody could give me a hint or point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.


Frank Nicol

There are multiple filters that allow you to define which entries show up VS. which don’t:

kws_gf_directory_value_{input type}
kws_gf_directory_value_{field id #}

This allows you to add code in your functions.php that will be able to filter the results.

I’m building a film/movie opinion site, and I was wondering if there was a way I could use Gravity Forms and Gravity Forms Directory Add-On to make a suggestion box where folks can suggest titles or directors they want me to talk about? Sure, they could use the contact page and email me directly, but it would be cool to just have a page that could tally up people’s suggestions for everyone to see.

Thanks in advance,

I got Gravity Forms and i got Gravity forms adon, but the shortcode button doesn’t work when i try to insert a directory, its dead and i dont know why

Anyone can gime me a clue about this?

Thank you


Hi – this is a great plugin and I am really excited to have found it – thanks! I am having one problem with it that I can not figure out how to fix. The directory that the plugin outputs on my website seems to be turning all of the fields it returns into links that lead back to my home page (it even turns the search box into a link – when you click on it it leads you back to the home page.)- can you please tell me how to prevent this from happening?
link to page:

Hi – this is a great plugin and I am really excited to have found it – thanks! I am having one problem with it that I can not figure out how to fix. The directory that the plugin outputs on my website seems to be turning all of the fields it returns into links that lead back to my home page (it even turns the search box into a link – when you click on it it leads you back to the home page.)- can you please tell me how to prevent this from happening?
link to page: http://cyberintelligenceagency

Hi – this is a great plugin and I am really excited to have found it – thanks! I am having one problem with it that I can not figure out how to fix. The directory that the plugin outputs on my website seems to be turning all of the fields it returns into links that lead back to my home page (it even turns the search box into a link – when you click on it it leads you back to the home page.)- can you please tell me how to prevent this from happening?
link to page: http://cyberintelligenceagency

Hi, im a bit new with php and really i don’t have a clue of how to add an Entry ID column to display the links to show the lightbox full entry.

Thanks in advance

Cool it works now and its amazing!

But the problem its the control of the data to show… there are some guide or tips to handle the control of data directory to show on live webpage to look more beaty than the raw data display?

I mean how i can have control to show data?

Any advice will apreciate

I’m trying to make a Suggestion Box page for my movie site, but something isn’t working right. When I’m in the form editor and preview the form, it looks like this:

But when I insert the form code into a page, it looks like this:

I’ve tried it without the image on the page, and it still is messed up. Here’s the code:

[directory form=2 page_size=”20″ search=”true” entry=”true” entrylightbox=”false” entrytitle=”Entry Detail” entrylink=”View full entry” entryth=”More Info” entryback=”← Back to directory” entryonly=”true” entryanchor=”true” approved=”false” showadminonly=”false” wpautop=”true” lightbox=”true” postimage=”icon” showcount=”true” pagelinksshowall=”true” showrowids=”true” fulltext=”true” linkemail=”true” linkwebsite=”true” linknewwindow=”false” nofollowlinks=”false” icon=”false” titleshow=”true” searchtabindex=”false” tfoot=”true” thead=”true” dateformat=”false” tableclass=”gf_directory widefat fixed” tablestyle=”” rowclass=”” rowstyle=”” valign=”baseline” sort=”date_created” dir=”DESC” startpage=”1″ pagelinkstype=”plain” titleprefix=”Entries for ” tablewidth=”100%” datecreatedformat=”F j, Y at g:i a” ]

Any thoughts as to where I’m going wrong?

Thanks in advance

The [directory] shortcode is for the directory functionality. To insert the form itself, you must use Gravity Form’s shortcode, which is [gravityform].

When you clikc the image to insert the form, make sure when you hover over the image, it says “Add Gravity Form,” not “Add a Gravity Forms Directory.”

This a great add-on – exactly what I’ve been looking for. I”m wondering if there is a way to change the text that appears in front of the search box “Search Entries:” to something else.

Add this to your theme’s functions.php file:

add_filter('kws_gf_directory_output', 'change_search_title');
function change_search_title($output) {
return str_replace('Search Entries:', 'Whatever you want to say here!', $output);

I want to change the image icon by default, for the actual input image in thumbnail format. If you replace the icon for the image is too big and i cant find a way to manipulate the size to appear in the directory.

Any one can give me a advice please?

I am using this code:

$fieldids = array(89.1,89.2,89.3,89.4,89.5,89.6,89.7,89.8,89.9,89.11,89.12);
//convert field ids to field values
foreach($fieldids as &$fieldid){$fieldid = get_gf_field_value(6, $fieldid);}

foreach($fieldids as $fieldid) echo $fieldid;

This only displays the first value in the array instead of the entire list of values. What am I missing?

Thank you,

Actually, the problem is the $fieldid 89.1 is the only one working. The others return nothing. All of these are fields created by a checkbox in Gravity Forms. Any ideas why only the first item is able to be returned?

It’s likely not working because you need to wrap each item in quotes: instead of array(89.1,89.2,89.3,89.4,89.5,89.6,89.7,89.8,89.9,89.11,89.12);, it should be array('89.1','89.2','89.3','89.4','89.5','89.6','89.7','89.8','89.9','89.11','89.12');

thanks a million for the 2.5 update katz
the list function is a winner.

one question, is there a simple way to seperate the listings?, they all pour out together, and the results look like one long list. just a simple between entries?

do let know if that can easily be added, i tried to see where, but it is a lot of code..



just some sort of visual division like a so people can know that what they are seeing are different entries

here is a example of a out put i did of 3 listed entries

it looks ok with just the space on my simple 3 field example, but on longer forms, the data output gets confusing.

thanks for any consideration.


LOL the post is adding my tags into the comments… i was writing the html break tag HR where it seems i stopped the message

where would i add this, i tried in a number of related places, did not show.
thanks for the time.


where would i add this, i tried in a number of related places, did not show.
thanks for the time.


I love this plugin. However, I have two issues I can’t seem to find solutions for. I’m not a coder so I need specific directions please. 1 – the search function returns a 404 page. 2 – I can’t find directions for excluding particular fields from displaying in the lightbox pop-up. Can you help please? I’m using the most current versions of this plugin, gravity forms and wordpress. The theme is Headway. Thank you very much.

Zack, your newest upgrade are fantastic. Thanks!! Two notes and a question:
1) row 439 of directory.php needs a space before “class” (otherwise it generates <liclass rather than <li class
2) the search function strips out spaces; for example a search for San Antonio generates no results because it's searching for SanAntonio. I don't recall if that was the case in v2.
3) The address formatting function is the best thing since sliced bread. I'd love to put it as the first item in the entry, preceded by the first and last names for the entry (or company, as the case may be). I've only just begun digging through the code, so haven't found it yet, but could you point me in the right direction for adding additional fields to the formatted address block?

You rock, Zack.

I did try that, but from the element inspector in firefox it seems its pointing to a class more specific to wordpress, not “.gf_directory li”

I was able to change the dd and dt in the list classes of admin.css and it shows per line, but it dosent seperate the entires in any way.

What about the general directory.php file, do you have a easy instert there i could try. I think other people would appreciate this on pages where they list multiple form enteries, cause like i mentioned its just a basic space break, and a tag would be simple but perfect.

Thanks for your time.


ok i got it to work for unordered list..
but it dosent work for definition list! thats my problem..

what should i add for that?

thanks again for your time on this.


actually i spoke too soon, it appears that unordered listings on your last update automatically come with line breaks between posts, it wasnt something i added…

when i changed that page to definition lists, and took out css you passed me…

it jumbles the multiple results together.

so your unordered list option does what i want, but i need the titles not just the data..

 Heeeelp please!!!

I can’t find how to add entry detail links by having Entry ID column added to directory!

Pleas if you could help me it would be the best thing in this world!!!!!


 Great addon! I would like to see get_gf_leads have option sort first by on field then by another feild.get_gf_leads have option sort first by on field then by another feild.

 I added this to your plugin which I have found useful. it returns an array of data for selections of a dropdown list [text] => Appliences
[value] => app
[isSelected] => // returns an array of data for a drop-down feild. For each possible selection you get ‘text’ lable, ‘value’ ‘is_selected’  function get_gf_field_select($form_id, $field_id) { global $Forms,$RG,$Common; $form = $RG->get_form_meta($form_id); foreach($form[“fields”] as $field){ if($field[‘id’] == $field_id) { $output = $field[‘choices’]; } } return $output; }

Blots, this looks like exactly what I’m needing.  Can you clarify it’s implementation? 

I have just started using this plugin with GF have been quite pleased.

I have encountered one error though.  I have a directory setup with search enabled.  When I go to search it will display a 404 page.  I am running WP 3.1.2,  GF 1.5.2, and GF Addons plugin 2.5.2.  The permalink structure is set to “/archives/%post_id%”.

The directory is displayed on the “/search” page and when I submit the search I get directed to the following url “/search?gf_search=test&p=2”, which displays a 404 error.  I was able to solve the problem by commenting out the hidden form field named “p” in the search form.

Any ideas on why the hidden field would be causing problems?

It would be nice for this plugin to allow users to edit their listing on the front end.

I am also looking for this functionality. Any chance it could be included? And as long as I’m submitting a wishlist, here goes:
1. When a user logs on, their data is displayed (name, address, phone, email, etc.) as a form
2. This data can either be edited directly from this page (form) OR
3. The data is displayed in the user’s WP dashboard profile, and can be edited from there (whichever would be easiest to program).

The Gravity Forms plugin and this addon work flawlessly for GeoPlaces by Templatic. By default their theme creates a front end for posters to edit their listing. Unfortunately, the theme is used for listing in a specific geographical location. You need the user registration addon enabled for it to work. The simple facebook connect plugin works 100% as well. I’ve used it on a number of sites with Gravity Forms and Geoplaces by templatic.

Love the plug in.  One bug I have found though is that when you have someone complete their entry and have a link to their buddypress page, when someone clicks on the link, it opens the entire home page instead of that direct buddypress page.  Could you consider looking into that with your next release.  My page is located at if you want to see what I am referring to.


Hi Zack,

Many thanks for the plugin…I can’t image the hours spent doing things like this?!
Is there any way the information filled in can be styled which h1 tags, columns etc? I’ve styled a form before (like this but not sure if I can adjust how the data entered into the form could be spread across a page/directories layout that I would create.Does this make sense? I can mock a layout up if it would make more sense?

Hi Zack.  I’m using your plugin and loving it!  Good job.  I’m not a coder and I’m having a problem.  The the individual entries are displaying “admin only” fields and I don’t know how to fix that.  I’ve tried replacing “true” with “false” for the showadminonly part of the shortcode but it still shows.  If you’re able to give me directions for fixing this please make them specific.  Thanks, Chuck

 Hello, this is a pre-sales question before buying gravity forms.

I have a client who needs a first class business directory in a niche. This means, his categories will be structured with several subcategories and he would need some options for the search for his visitors like zip-code range, search in categories (multiple selection maybe) and fine-grained search. But most important we need a good form with lots of options to fill out the form, which later will be the business listing.
We would use a theme of and would also have the possibility of setting up a page template in that theme, for price packages. From there the people would get to the directory form and after this they
would pay. Do You think that gravity forms plus the directory add-on can meet these requirements?

Thanks in advance.

It would likely be more work that you would want to undertake. You may want to go with a full-fledged directory script. That would better support what you’re trying to achieve I think. If you’re set on sticking with WordPress functionality, you could use something like ? That way you could even use Gravity Forms to submit listings because the Directory Press is based on posts and categories.

One question about categories, can you create sub-categories, sub-sub and so on or just one main cat??

Do you have a few site examples that are using the directory plugin I could look at it?

Could someone please provide the actual, full, complete code snippet to return a filtered list of results.  Whereas, the directory will *only* display results where a form field matches exact data, in this case an email address? We would like the results to be *every* record in the database that has a match.

This would be very helpful and much appreciated.

Loving the Custom Posts fields capabilities! 
Any way we can:1. Limit the amount of characters per field? (ex. Title)2. Assign a Read-only per field? 

Hey Zack, not sure if your reply of “This should have been fixed” was intended for my post, should it be the case, I went on the site “…” and clicked on Register now, I was able to enter a mega long string in the Name field and when it came to submitting the Registration form, that field wasn’t flagged as an error, any thoughts?
Clearly I’m using a similar form on my end hence my concern.

I installed the Gravity Directory plug in.  I have one gravity form that I would like to turn into a directory.  The plug in is activated, but I can’t find  the ” new” button anywhere.  I have just updated my version of PHP, am using WordPress 3.2 and Version of Gravity Forms.  Can you help?  What am I missing?  

Im using this plugin to gather information for a living bibliography. The start of this is excellent but I need a few things customized and am willing to pay to do so. I need a stand alone search field that I can place in the page (Shortcode or otherwise) or can I use a standard search field here?

I also need to be able to make one of the columns a link that searches and shows entries only entries by that author

It would be great if I could custom style two columns to look a bit different than the others


Im using this plugin to gather information for a living bibliography. The start of this is excellent but I need a few things customized and am willing to pay to do so. I need a stand alone search field that I can place in the page (Shortcode or otherwise) or can I use a standard search field here?

I also need to be able to make one of the columns a link that searches and shows entries only entries by that author

It would be great if I could custom style two columns to look a bit different than the others



I posted some ideas here, i hope you can take a look and tell me what you think.

Basically you can easily use this directory gravity form plugin to make a download link system for free file hosting links such as rapidshare, megaupload etc. Just need to make some changes as i suggested on the wordpress forum.

Hi! Thanx for a great plug-in.  It was a bit difficult to get set up (searching issues for the most part) but we’ve got that resolved and now are left with one problem we’re hoping you can help us resolve.

Linking to full details isn’t working.  Truth be told, I’m not sure I understand how this part of the set up works.  Any assistance or advice you can provide to get this working would be greatly appreciated.

This is running on a WPMU 3.2.1 main site which runs Gravity with no additional addons and your plug-in v2.5.2.

Thanx for your help.

Actually, I was wrong.  Searching also isn’t working when Admin approval is enabled, which we need.  🙁

i also found the ‘single’ post functionality confusing. i am not using wpmu. i did show the entry ID and set that to link to more details so that ‘single’ view is working. however, what i’d like is for some way to insert links so i could link over to a page instead of a ‘single’ view. i tried ot use the ‘website’ form element and it was not working – not sure why yet.

overall this plugin is freaking amazing so thanks so much!

Did I post my questions in the wrong place?  Asked for assistance one two probably minor issues earlier today and came back to check up to find them gone.

The issues were Search not working with Admin Approval enabled and an inability to make listings linkable, so there’s no way to access full details on the listed party.  These were posted at 12:59PM and 2:10PM today.

Even if the answer is that there’s nothing to be done about it, it would be great to know.
Thanx again for you help.

good job! You should add “created_ty” case in the “kws_gf_directory” function:

case “created_by” :
        $userdata = get_userdata($value);
        $value = $userdata->user_login;

I have gravity forms and have got to grips with it. I have your plugin and on reading on I see that somewhere I should get the option to add a directory but it is no where to be seen. I’ve ticked the 4 check boxes but nothing happening. Do I have to have a developer license for gravity to get this to work? 

Is there a way to have each author to only have their entries display in the directory?

For example, Author 1 enters personal details into the gravity form.  Author 2 enters information into same gravity form.  When they go to the directory page and are logged in, the directory will only display Author 1’s info to Author 1 and Author 2’s information to Author 2?

First let me say that your plugin add-on is awesome. I am wanting to use the get_gf_leads() function but I’m a bit lost on what all of the arguments do. Could you enlighten me on these:



I love this plugin – and use it all the time with Gravity Forms!
But on one of my sites I get the following error when I place the shortcode on a page:  
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/zone1/public_html/wp-content/plugins/gravityforms/forms_model.php on line 1903

 Any Help would be greatly appreciated

I’d like to create a succes page (just a page in WordPress with a specified template) where I can show the submitted data like:
Dear ,
Is there something like that? So it get’s the entry data from the submitted form.

You can ask this question on the forum. I would recommend using “Pass Field Data Via Query String” and replace the values on the page using your functions.php file. Like I said, this is a question for

This is a great plugin.  My question is about the built-in search Is there any way to allow for “wildcard” searching?  For example, my client wants to be able to search the directory output by isolating all of the surnames beginning with a D.  Putting D* or simply D into the search box just results in returning the entire directory.

The Directory plugin is excellent – Thank you!
One thing I would like is:
– I have fields in my form that are not for publication (name and email)
– I want the form user to fill in these fields
– I don’t want them displayed in the directory
– If I check ‘admin only’ the user cannot fill in the fields.
Is there a solution?
Thank you!
I am using the form and directory for vineyards to submit coupons –

Having just updated to v3 of the Directory Addon I’m unable to “approve” any entries and I have a PHP error of

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in public_html/wp-content/plugins/gravity-forms-addons/gravity-forms-addons.php on line 1739

Hi – thanks for a handy plugin. 

I’ve just updated to 3.0 and neither of the Approved or Entry Link fields are editable once added to a form. The property sheets have 3  empty tabs (Properties, Advanced, Directory), which also means I can’t even change the name of the fields from Untitled.  

Using Gravity Forms on WP 3.2.1.  Form seems to loads in page fine, not getting any PHP error (such as Tony is) – just not getting interaction UI edit interaction. Not sure how this will affect approval … 

Also, getting the Approved / Unapproved bulk action options in the entries lists for non-directory forms. Should this be available, or only for those forms with the special Directory Approved field?


I have been using this plug for a while now with no issues. I installed the update today and now I’m getting this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method GFDirectory::get_lead_details_table_name() in /home1/biglife1/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/gravity-forms-addons/gravity-forms-addons.php on line 2190
Any ideas?

The same thing happened to me – in fact in addition to an error on some pages, on other pages the directory was blank with a note that said the directory had no entries, which was definitely not the case.  I tried to manually install the plugin, but that didn’t fix anything so I reverted back to an earlier version of the plugin.

I have been using this plug for a while now with no issues. I installed the update today and now I’m getting this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method GFDirectory::get_lead_details_table_name() in /home1/biglife1/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/gravity-forms-addons/gravity-forms-addons.php on line 2190
Any ideas?


Love the plugin! I seem to have a problem I can’t figure out. I have set up a directory which I am testing. If I click on the header title in this case “Business Name” it returns a blank screen saying ‘this form does not have any entries yet’ I have 6 test businesses in there. I was expecting clicking on the column title to sort them by Alpha?

I am having the same problem.  Displays all the entries, but when go to sort by clciking on one of the header labels, it displays the no entries message.  I have also tried approving all entries with the same result

Hi Zack,

Thanks for the response, I have removed the admin field and even created a new form with no admin approval in it and I’m still getting the same problem.

I’m also struggling with listing entries in alphabetical order from the start. In the directory I have changed the value of the date_created field as I assume that is where the sort comes from?

It’s a really good addition to Gravity Forms but I’m struggling with it at the minute :/

Hi, just an update on this, I have removed this plugin and uninstalled gravity forms from my site and reinstalled from a new download.

Still seem to have the same issue on a newly created form with no admin fields.


I simply want to sort my directory ASC per Company name. My form id is 1 and the ID for Company is 8, but I can only get it to sort by ID number and nothing else. Two hours of trying and feel like I don’t even know where to start looking. I’ve gone through all the comments and suggestions I can find and now I’m slowly learning hooks and filters to take advantage of that functionality.

Any help with alphabetically sorting by a certain column (in my case, company name, ID 8) would be greatly appreciated.

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