Version 4.0 of the Constant Contact Plugin

I’ve been working on releasing a new version of the Constant Contact plugin for months, and it’s finally ready. The result: faster, more reliable, more features, and did I mention faster!?

The Form Designer, inline editing, and EventSpot are all 100% better. I highly recommend upgrading.

This plugin requires PHP Version 5.5 or newer. If you have a lower version, you will be presented with instructions on upgrading your installation.

Update: Now on

Download Version 4.0 from

Why isn’t this on yet? doesn’t allow code to use PHP 5.4 or newer. This will be fixed soon, but until it is, please download the plugin here.

Once fixes this issue, I will update this post, and the plugin will resume auto-upgrading as usual.


  • Version: 4.0.1
  • Released: April 8, 2016
  • Compatible with: WordPress 4.5

Download Constant Contact for WordPress


4.0.1 on April 8, 2016

This is a major update that requires PHP 5.5 or higher. This was needed in order to use the latest Constant Contact code.

  • The Admin now looks great on mobile devices!
  • Constant Analytics has been removed. The authentication process changed significantly, so it was no longer working properly.
  • Added: If a contact exists in the site, link to their profile page from their single Contact page
  • Improved: URLs and emails are now links in the single Campaign page
  • Improved: Inline edit is much faster
  • Added: Campaign summary to the top of single Campaign pages
  • EventSpot:
    • Embedding single events using the shortcode with onlyactive enabled now shows a “The “{title}” event is no longer active.” message.
    • Maps now link to Google Maps SSL
    • Location output includes Address 2 and Address 3, if set
    • Fixed: directtoregistration shortcode setting wasn’t working (“Link directly to registration page, rather than event homepage”)
    • Fixed: Added caching for if Constant Contact account has access to EventSpot
  • Form Designer:
    • New simple default form design
    • Responsive design fits better to all screen sizes
    • Visual feedback when the form is being updated
    • MUCH improved speed when designing a form
    • No longer slows down when processing an update
    • Change background, border, padding settings live
  • Fixed: Logs not being pruned. This could lead to thousands of log posts in the database, slowing down the site.
  • Fixed: Fix fatal error when updating lists in User Profiles
  • Fixed: Improved Form Designer speed when WP_DEBUG is defined
  • Fixed: Admin pages now only process when they’re supposed to
  • Removed: Phone number validation. The phone number validator library was silly big.
  • Tweak: Show list name in single List page
  • Tweak: Add “Status” column to Campaigns table
  • Tweak: Only “Active” users now shown by default in Contacts
  • Tweak: Filtering Contacts by status now loads new request
  • Fixed: Delete caches when de-authenticating plugin
  • Tweak: Allow Draft events to be visible to administrators

Developer Notes:

  • Fixed: The “%%id_attr%%placeholder wasn't getting replaced properly when generating list HTML inKWSContactList`
  • Fixed: Prevent logs from being written during Form Designer AJAX
  • Fixed: Removed deprecated wp_clone() function
  • Fixed: include attribute wasn’t respected in KWSContactList::outputHTML()
  • Tweak: Improved error handling for errors returned by Constant Contact
  • Tweak: Refactor LESS files for admin CSS
  • Modified: Second parameter passed to cc_event_map_link is now a \Ctct\Components\EventSpot\EventSpot object
  • Modified: Removed third parameter passed to cc_event_map_link
  • Added: ctct_oauth_uri_base filter to use your own oAuth domain. See the filter inline docs for more information.

By Zack Katz

Zack Katz is the founder of GravityKit and TrustedLogin. He lives in Leverett, Massachusetts with his wife Juniper.