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This widget helps you install an iContact signup form on WordPress without any hassle. Don’t use iContact? You need it for this widget to work, so test drive it with a 15 day free trial.

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Benefits of the iContact Widget

  • iContact Widget – the Best of Both Forms
    The iContact Widget has the flexibility of the Automatic Signup Form: that you don’t need to deal with lots of HTML code, and when you update the form in iContact, simply re-save the widget, and your form will update. Your users won’t experience a Javascript loading delay, and all is good in the world.

  • Improve the Code of iContact Forms
    iContact forms are generated using imperfect HTML. The iContact Widget fixes this code. An example: the form has an input field with `name=redirect`, which should be `name=”redirect”`. The form corrects this, and 10 other HTML formatting issues.

  • Define Custom Form Widths
    The iContact form generator does not give you an option to change the width of the form. This widget allows you to define width in pixels or %.

  • Define Custom Input Width
    iContact forms have no default width, leaving the size of the text field up to the styling of the website’s theme. The iContact Widget allows you to set the size of inputs from 15 to 40 characters.

How to install

  1. Generate a signup form from iContact’s functional Signup Forms generator. Once completed, you are given two code options: Automatic Sign-up Form: (recommended) and a Manual Sign-up Form.
  2. Copy the Automatic Sign-up Form code
  3. Upload the iContact Widget to your website’s `wp-content/plugins` folder, or install it using WordPress’ Add New Plugin feature.
  4. Activate the plugin, then go to the Appearance > Widgets page
  5. Add the plugin to your sidebar by dragging it into the sidebar box.
  6. Paste the Automatic Sign-up Form code into the text area labeled “Automatic Sign-up Form Code.”
  7. Configure the other settings, and click “Save.”
  8. Your form will now be in your sidebar!

Common issues

  • Fatal Error: Class ‘WP_Widget’ not found
    This widget requires version 2.8 of WordPress. If you have any version previous to 2.8, this widget will not work.
  • Form does not update after making changes to the settings
    To fix this issue, just hit save again until it displays properly. This will be addressed in future versions. – Fixed in Version 1.0.5

Next steps for the newsletter widget:

  • Add HTTPS option to automatically switch form to secure mode – Version 1.0.1
  • Add better error handling when there is no form code entered – Version 1.0.2
  • Implement recommendations left in the comments! (leave some!)


= 1.0.9 =
* Should fix "The iContact file was not accessible for some reason." issue that was experienced by users with certain hosting configurations

= 1.0.8 =
* Fixed incompatibility for servers running PHP4 by adding `str_ireplace()` function definition

= 1.0.7 =
* Updated form to compensate for changed iContact javascript formatting (if your form shows `");` at the end of it, this will fix it)
* Updated widget so that it will not load for users < WordPress 2.8, preventing errors
* Improved wording for widget's code override option

= 1.0.6 =
* Added support for `curl` for servers that don't support `file_get_contents()`
* Fixed issue where you had to save widget two times for it to update

= 1.0.5 =
* Added support for multiple widgets, and multiple instances of the same widget on a page
* Improved iContact code validation by adding closing slashes to
* Fixed issue with multiple instances of same form preventing javascript validation
* Added option to not display form in sidebar, if only using the [icontact id=#] shortcode
* Changed shortcode structure to `[icontact id=#]`. Once configured, widget now provides a reference ID
* Fixed shortcode bug that had inserted form before content, instead of where inserted in content.
* Improved code to save update form on the first save

= 1.0.4 =
* Added `name=clientid` formatting cleanup

= 1.0.3 =
* Added missing closing  tag to signup form.
* Added widget description for the wp-admin Widgets page.

= 1.0.2 =
* Improved error handling, and prevented form from being shown until it works properly.
* Added settings: Edit HTML capability, Change input width, Change Submit input text, Change form width

= 1.0.1 =
* Added PHP `file_get_content()` error handling
* Added HTTPS form option

= 1.0 =
* Launched widget

Note: this widget is not managed or created by iContact; it’s by Katz Web Services, Inc. (KWS). KWS is not associated with iContact and iContact should not be contacted with any widget issues.

If you have problems with the widget, please leave feedback below.

If this widget does not work for you, use this iConctact Form tool instead and paste the generated code into a text widget.

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By Zack Katz

Zack Katz is the founder of GravityKit and TrustedLogin. He lives in Leverett, Massachusetts with his wife Juniper.

194 replies on “iContact Widget for WordPress”

Is there any way to modify the width of the widget? I tried modifying the Displayed HTML Form Code table width, but even though I save it won’t remember the change. It keeps reverting back to the default 260.

You need to update the configured form on the iContact site, then re-save the widget.

I will be adding the ability to edit the form in future iterations of the widget.

Hope that helps!

Sorry if I’m missing something, but the configured form only seems to allow me to copy the generated code. I don’t see how I can edit it.

I’ve tried to use widget w/o success – sure it’s my inexperience. In Editing Plug-in window where your code says “Paste the Automatic Sign-up Form code below.”, I hit Enter to insert a line and pasted the form code. It doesn’t appear on the blog after I Activate. What am I doing wrong?

I’m using Ver. 2.8.2 and tried with w/o hitting Enter but it still doesn’t show up. Could it be because I am using an imported template? The template had a sign-up button on the sidebar but it is not there upon uploading to WP and doesn’t appear in the list of widgets to be activated.

The original template’s sign-up widget does not appear. The iContact one does (once activated) but cannot be “dragged and dropped” to activate it on the blog sidebar. When I try, a new browser tab opens, the sign-up form appears, the bottom status bar says “Stopped” but the upper tab status is stuck on “Loading.” When I return to the WP Widgets panel, it has not moved to the activated right side but remains in the inactivate, available listing.

I’m not sure exactly what is going on…but try upgrading to the newly released version of the widget (1.0.2) and see if that fixes the issue. If not, please let me know.

Also, the iContact widget won’t integrate into any pre-existing signup buttons or forms; it will only add a new form that looks like the one you generated using the iContact signup form generator.

Thanks, Zach. I did upgrade to the new version of the widget. It can now be dragged over and I’ve pasted in the code from the iContact form generator but it still doesn’t show up in the sidebar when I view the site. Any other ideas?


Just to confirm, you should be pasting the “Automatic Sign-up Form” code, not the “Manual Sign-up Form” code.

If you are, and it’s not working, could you please email me the code you are pasting?

I’ve uploaded the icontact.php file to my plugins folder, then tried to activiate it but it gives me this:

Fatal error: Class ‘WP_Widget’ not found in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 66

How do I fix this?

With the upgrade, it’s working now but it appeared to need me to go all the way out to the Dashboard and come back in again. Thanks for your help!

Hey there, how do I remove the ’email marketing by icontact’ text link?
I tried deleting it in the automatic code but it’s still there?

You can edit the code of the widget to achieve this, by deleting line 54 to line 60 (starting with $attr = attr(); and ending with $comment; }).

Please note that this is the only way that I benefit from creating, maintaining and improving this widget. If you are planning on removing the link, please consider making a donation.

Hi Zack,

Thanks for the plugin. It’s great. I don’t mind keeping the “email marketing by icontact,” but is there any way to change the font and make it a tad smaller? It stands out and not in a good way.


FWIW, I’m on 2.8.3, and whenever I installed this widget, my widget page kind of breaks. When the plugin is active, none of my widgets are dragable (AJAX seems to be broken) and the sidebars don’t show up. When I deactivate the plugin, all my other widgets work fine.

I’m using the Atahualpa 3.4.1 theme, which may be related.

I am having the same problem. Usng 2.8.3. Even when I disable ALL other plugins this still seemingly breaks the “Ajax” as whall explained. I am getting the problem exactly as he expresses it :s …..


I keep on getting an error with putting in the automatic form

I am changing the size of the box within the widget but that’s it.

I have seen it online before but now for whatever reason I’m getting this error so it’s not showing. Any thoughts?


Thank you for such great information. Quick question: can icontact sign up form (from their website) be used as widget in free blog? (that is …not on



I have 2 question

I have Thesis 151 and i want to add the icontact form at the bottom of every post. How can i do that?

and i want to replace the multymedia box with the icontact form. How can i do that?

Thanks for your help

Hi Pierre,
If you edit the theme’s custom_functions.php file (in the custom folder), add this code:

function kwd_add_icontact() {
	$form = '[icontact id=1]'; // the id should be the id of the iContact widget (it will tell you after you've saved it)
	$form = do_shortcode($form);
	if($form) { echo $form;}
add_action('thesis_hook_after_post', 'kwd_add_icontact');

That should do it!

Hi the widget is selectable and draggable but when I insert the automatic signup code I get the following error..
Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in D:hshometwospiresfermanaghphotos.comwp-contentpluginsicontact-widgeticontact.php on line 252
Any ideas appreciated, Thnx

The widget works by getting the external iContact javascript file and using that as the basis for the form. It would seem that your server does not allow that external file access.

Please contact your host and ask that file_get_contents() be enabled on your account. I will do what I can to find alternatives in future versions.

Zack, this was the response from my hoster
Good morning

allow_url_fopen is disabled on all our servers to remove a remote file inclusion vulnerability through badly written scripts.

If you wish to include remote files then you must use PHP’s curl functions.

I want to install this in a header, but it won’t work – I simply get the [icontact] back. In the page itself, it works fine. is there a way to use in the header? I am not using a sidebar for this particular site but want to include the form on every page – hopefully at the top!


Man, I just can’t get this figured out. I’m got the latest version of WP and and when I “activate” the plugin and go to the “widgets” screen, it doesn’t allow me to drag and drop. I see others going through the same issue, but have not seen a solution?
Please help!

Is the fix version 1.0.7 or are you still working on it? Just did an upgrade and having the same issue.
Should be I just go back to .05?

I’ve got the same problem as Adam and the others. I use Icontact for several of my clients and this would be an excellent plugin to have, but ever time I activate it I can’t drap and drop anything on my widgets screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The checkbox option for making code changes works in reverse:
Don’t overwrite changes to HTML code
Use only if you are going to edit the generated code. This will prevent
changes in the settings. Uncheck to change form settings!

You have to check it in order to change form settings. Leaving it unchecked prevents you from making changes.

Hi Zack,
Having a problem getting the widget to work. Having installed & activated it, I go to “Add” it to the sidebar on the WP Widgets control panel. I get this error:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: str_ireplace() in /path/to/site/wp-content/plugins/icontact-widget/icontact.php on line 254

So, I can’t even add the widget to the sidebar.
I’m using WP 2.8.4; ver 1.0.7 of the iContact widget.

Hi Bob,
Very helpful! Thanks – str_ireplace is only PHP5, which I didn’t know at the time….I will update that tomorrow.

Thank you for reporting the error!

Hi Bob,
I’ve just uploaded a new version (1.0.8) of the plugin that fixes the PHP 4 incompatibility. It should fix the issue. Thank you for reporting the error!


Just upgraded to 1.0.8. The Displayed HTML Code field in the widget setup shows, “The iContact file was not accessible for some reason.”. I believe I followed the instructions properly. Any help here? Is this a bug with the widget or my brain?


Hi there…
Thank you for making this product… I have WordPress 2.84 automatically installed via godaddy hosting… I can drag it to the sidebar, but when I do, it states: “The iContact file was not accessible for some reason.” Any ideas?
Thank you.

Hi Zack, I called Icontact about an opt-in form and they directed me to your site! Good for you!!
I’m having a small problem: when i input info into my form and hit enter the 404 error page comes up. How do I get past that?
Thanks for the form and I will send some money. It’s amazing that Icontact don’t take the time to make this form themselves. DUH!
Oh well, their loss. Your gain!

The problem is that your form is configured so that upon a successful signup, users are redirected to a page on your website that doesn’t exist. (/Thank_You_.php). Changing that setting in iContact is how to fix that issue.

You will need to re-save the iContact Widget after updating your form code.

If you’re technical, you can also edit the HTML generated by the widget and update the part of the code that is <input type="hidden" name="redirect" value="" /> Then, check the box that says “don’t overwrite changes to HTML code”.

Thks for your time.  Sorry that I had to bother you, but just my typing the question to you seem to have generated the answer in my subconscious because when I woke this a.m. the answer came to me.
Or maybe you transported the answer to me just by looking into it….hmmm!
In any case. THANK YOU! And much success to you!
Lady T

Hi everyone-
I just installed the Icontact widget on my wordpress blog. I am currently using the Thesis_16 theme. I have pasted the code from Icontact Automatic Sign-Up Form but I keep getting the following error:
There was an error processing the form code you entered into the “Automatic Sign-up Form Code” field.”

I am not sure what the issue is… it seems like it should be as simple as cut and paste. Am I missing something?

I am trying to send information to both WP database and iContact at the same time.  The standard iContact widget does not seem to allow for this.  Is there an existing, effective method to achieve this results…I.E. Customer submits form information, Customer receives confirmation email, information is saved in WP DB, Information is also sent to iContact account.
Please Advise and Thanks in Advance.

This widget won’t do that. That functionality is a job for scripts using the iContact API, and I am currently developing a plugin structure to do that, but am not done with it. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

I see you can embed the form in a post or page but can I use multiple icontact forms?  I.e. one for consumers and one for vendors within a membership type environment?

The page embed [iContact id=X] is not working.  The form is working fine in the sidebar and emails are posting to icontact list.  But, I don’t want this on the sidebar.  I want the form in the post.

Thanks for your help.

Having problems displaying the form using the [icontact id=X] feature. I put it in one of my pages and it does not display. I get the following error message when I saved the widget: There was an error processing the form code . I copied/pasted the iContact code so I am not sure what the issue is. Any solution?

Can the icontact widget be edited to not advertise for icontact? Nothing personal I just don’t like the other “stuff”, it distracts from the site.

I can’t figure out exactly where to put the icontact code in. The instructions just say Paste the Automatic Sign-up Form code below – but exactly where, below?

I copied and pasted the code from iContact but this is the error message I keep getting:

There was an error processing the form code you entered into the “Automatic Sign-up Form Code” field.
Please make sure you’re pasting the iContact-generated Automatic Sign-up Form code, and try again.
If you still are having problems, please leave a comment on the widget page.

Love the plugin, everything works great!  Is there a way to remove the phrase “*=Required Field”?  It’s not a big deal but I’d like to shorten the form height if possible.

I had some pretty heavy duty coding done by a 3rd party to create my site/blog, all generated with custom PHP scripts.
I’ve got the plugin installed and activated.
I’d like to insert it into a section of my blog after the tag cloud, where the code looks like this:
<div class=”s_normal”> <p class=”tags”><?php wp_tag_cloud(‘smallest=11&largest=25&number=19&’); ?></p> </div> <div class=”s_normal”> [icontact id=4] </div> <div class=”testimonials s_normal”> <h4 class=”cufon”>Testimonials</h4> <?php echo stripslashes($jc_sayabout); ?> </div>
Of course, I didnt’ suspect it could be this easy. How can I integrate the call to the plugin from within the PHP code?
It looks like a great and useful plugin!

I love it but How do i centre the form in a squeeze page
if you build in positioning that would be great
and if you could add a background and vary line thickness.
good work though works well

[…] iContact Widget Add the iContact ‘Automatic Sign-up Form’ to your sidebar with this widget. Simply paste the […]

Was very happy to find iContact WP Widget. Can’t make it work. When I post the auto-code from iContact, I get error msg: “There was an error processing the code….” even before I entered any code!?

This error msg gets displayed: “There was an error processing the form code you entered into the “Automatic Sign-up Form Code” field.”
When I press “Save” it appears to be saving, but nothing actually happens.
I also tried entering the “Manual Sign-up form code” from iContact, and the exact same error msg appeared.
Thanks a lot…

had to reinstall plug…. when i did so and tried to get automatically generated code from icontact by clicking the link in plugin set up

i get a error page from icontact saying page not found.

thus, i can’t configure the plugin…suggestions?

(up until this point i had no problem with the plugin….i tried to change the link to my site after some completed the sign up process…that seemed to break the plugin…so i deleted and reinstall…and now have the problem as state above…)

thanks for your help

Zack, is there an easy way to send an email to the email address before inserting it into iContact? I wonder if I could extract the email address from the form, send email and then insert into iContact. Thanks!

Plugin works well but i cant get the form to display centrally down a squeeze page
As a result it looks rubbish out of alignment
can you help please?


I was just checking out your app in the App Store. Congrats, looks pretty good.

Happy with your sales so far?

I’ve been working with some app developers the last few months, and I’ve learned that there’s two aspects that you need to focus on to be really successful selling apps in iTunes. I’d be happy to share what I’ve learned if you’re interested. Just let me know and I’ll send you a quick overview. (I’m not trying to sell you information, just don’t want to bother you if you’re not interested in what I have to share.)

Best of luck,
Ed Turner

Hi Zack…plugin is working fine. Thanks very much. I am wondering if their is a way to expand the title box so I can create a better call to action for visitors to signup for my newsletter?
Thanks in advance

I have downloaded your sign-up form for WordPress onto

Is there a way I can omit the “Email Marketing by iContact” or at least make it smaller – it’s an eyesoar if you don’t mind me saying? I can access the code – I’m just not sure what to omit in the code

Thanks – nice widget btw.

Any solution to this problem? I see you’ve resolved it on your website above, but I cannot find a solution posted. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi, great plug-in, currently it can only be inserted in the sidebar. Is there an option to insert it directly in the PHP code?

I’ve downloaded and tried to install the i-contact widget. It lets me paste the icontact code into the box, then gives me a series of check boxes to select, and once i click save, nothing happens – the code is not saved, the widget does not display. I’ve downloaded and installed it both from the site and this site – still nothing. Any ideas whee to look for a solution?

I’ve been using this widget without problems until I updated to from WordPress 2.9 to 3.0.4.

Now the contact form doesnt show up in the sidebar. When I go to the plugin to check settings, all my info is there, but at the top of the column, it says:

Warning: Missing argument 2 for iContactWidget::update(), called in /home/zzzzz/public_html/ on line 251 and defined in /home/zzzzz/public_html/ on line 216

The widget is active.
Everything has been configured properly. Good job!
You can embed the form in post or page content by using the following code: [icontact id=3].
If you make changes to your form, make sure to click Save!

Any help please?


On following the above instructions, I get the following message:
“The code below didn’t work.
There was an error processing the form code you entered into the “Automatic Sign-up Form Code” field.”
I am using WordPress 3.0.4.
Any ideas?

I should add that my widget setting look nothing like the above – there is only space for the automatic subscription form – no other settings are shown.

The HTML code inserted an extra digit into the icpsignup number extracted from the iContact automatic code. I eliminated the digit manually and the form works fine now, but I thought you should know.

I got a custom code from iContact for a special sign up form that does not seem to work. The widget says the code works but upon the second save nothing happens. In fact, upon closing out the normal sign up form gets eliminated and has to be reinstated.

Any advice?

Form is not saving, it keeps coming back to blank paste window.

Sort code only prints “Email marketing link for iContact”

Any ideas?

How do you get rid of the “email marketing by icontact” text, it doesnt lok like this issue was resolved in the comments

Hi Zach.  Thanks for this.  I’m also confused as to where this code goes.  I added it to the “edit the html” part and the code showed up on my website.  thanks for your help! 

Hi Zach.  I copied and pasted it at the end of the functions.php file and the code showed up across the top of my site.  am I missing something?  New to this.  Thanks again…

This doesn’t work AND IT WON’T. According to IContact, you HAVE to keep their advertising in for this widget to work! Can’t believe I’m paying IContact, and then I HAVE to advertise for them too. 

I’m going to start looking into alternatives now. There’s so many things that other providers do that IContact does not. MailChimp, AWeber–heard they are good. 

I got a custom code from iContact for a special sign up form that does not seem to work. The widget says the code works but upon the second save nothing happens. In fact, upon closing out the normal sign up form gets eliminated and has to be reinstated.Any advice?

I am using the widget, but the sign-up form looks like a table, and not like the form I see when I preview on iContact.

Well the iContact once activated but cannot be “dragged and dropped” to activate it on the blog sidebar. When I try it in a new browser tab opens, the sign-up form appears, the bottom status bar says “Stopped” but the upper tab status is stuck on “Loading.”

Well the iContact once activated but cannot be “dragged and dropped” to activate it on the blog sidebar. When I try it in a new browser tab opens, the sign-up form appears, the bottom status bar says “Stopped” but the upper tab status is stuck on “Loading.”

Thanks.  I’m new to WordPress.  The “Widget is Active” gave me this:  [icontact id=3].  I want to put the widget in the middle of a new page and write and add around it.  Where do I “paste” the code as I don’t see code when looking at the HTML tab.

Thanks Zack.  No luck in either editor.  All I see is the [icontact id=3] after I update the page from the edit page.

 Yes I did find a way to work it out from some advice here  – I think the icontact form tool. but the forms look terrible. I purchased gravity forms to improve this but the icontact add on does not work. Goo luck with finding a solution – I know how frustrating it can be,

Love the widget, but really want to remove the iContact marketing. Can you please tell me how to remove this. I’ve tried everything I can think of. Thanks

Just saw this post from Zack and it worked:

You need to tell the server it’s PHP:

add_filter(‘icontact_link’, ‘function_return_false’); function function_return_false($link = ”) { return false; } ?>

This seems to cause a conflict in Elemin. Causes a white screen after login. Any hints about how to fix this? I created a custom-functions.php file and included the following:

Can you please explain what I do with this – i.e. where I enter it to tell the serve it’s PHP?

The php to remove the iContact marketing link causes a conflict in Elemin by Themify. Causes a white screen after
login. Any hints about how to fix this? I created a custom-functions.php
file and included the following:

Thanks for any help!!

Hi Guys – I tried adding that code too to get rid of the “marketing by…” stuff and it didn’t work.  Where exactly do I need to add it and is that the FULL code string that is needed?  Thanks.  Noob here.  😉

The widget didn’t work so I had to use the icontact form generator instead.  This worked, however I can’t put a title on it and for someone who is completely html/any computer language illiterate, this has now caused a problem.  I have a sign up form on my website sidebar with nothing to indicate what it is a sign up for.  While at least it FINALLY works after hours (literally) with customer service, it’s about as worthless for me unless I spend more money paying someone to spend some time putting verbiage to go over it.  Really the last thing I wanted to do at this point. 

So…any pointers how I can fix this quickly before my marketing goes out?  I would just put in what I had in the title bar of the original widget, but I have no clue where it goes in (what looks to me like) the jumble of code.


Well, that would be a great option if when I go to download the gravity forms widget-the one I’m told I need to make the one you suggested work – didn’t have a big warning about how compatibility hasn’t been tested with my version of wordpress.

If this is the best you can do, then I seriously need to make a decision whether I should put more time into this seemingly endless problem or spend the time to close my icontact account and go with my second choice service. 

Ah, I see that.  And it’s a pay service.  Oh good, another $99.   If I add up this, icontact’s fee, the amount of money I’ve lost taking the afternoon off to deal with this and the extra 2.5 hours last night I’ve dealt with this – I can almost guarantee it will be the most expensive sign up form ever.

So what’s your experience with gravity forms?  How is THEIR customer service?  Do you know how quickly they deal with problems? 

Just trying to find out before I make the decision to  drop more money into this problem….

Bought gravity forms, activated then downloaded gravity forms icontact add-on.

It looks like gravity forms icontact add-on is one of your apps.  Is that correct?

I activated the icontact form app,
followed each step to register the app

Got this response from icontact
“The application “iContact Gravity Forms Add-on” can now access your
account, using the password you provided. ”

Figured I was good to go. Put my icontact username, app id and app
username that I had just received during registration into place so I
could save the settings and get to working on my form.

Hit save and got the following message: “The application was not
recognized. Possible reasons are: the API-AppId was entered incorrectly;
the application is not registered for that user.”

So, as the gravity app suggested, I contacted icontact and they said
there was nothing they could do, the problem was not on their end.

So, I’m right back to where I started.

I’ve received Odb fine for quite some time, but recently cannot.  I’ve subscribed several times, but it no longer appears in my inbox.  I’ve checked my spam & trash folders & it’s not there. Suggestions?

I have successfully installed the form on my blog. I have an icontact account and followed all the steps.  But when you enter the name and email address I get an error message at icontact.  I am sure I am not the first to experience this.  How do I fix it?

[email protected]

can someone please let me know how to remove the  “Email Marketing by iContact”… Thanks

I tried everything and for some reason the form is always 400 pixels wide when the sidebar is 260… I changed in the html option to no avail. 
Please advise. Yo can see it now at

I’m using v 1.2 of the form in a Genesis-Agentpress website, After I copy/paste the html code for the form from iContact into the window in the widget, then SAVE it, a digit (2) is added to the form ID that is in the HTML code, which then results in a error from iContact. I didn’t realize what was going on & called iContact. They found the problem. While they were on the phone I went through the copy/paste routine & confirmed that the code that came from iContact did NOT have the error … until I SAVED … whereupon the digit was added. I then edited  that digit out of the ID in the 6 to 8 places where the ID is in the HTML code … and SAVED again … digit came back again. Any suggestions?

BTW … I did a copy/paste of the iContact code into your “converter” here, submitted it here … and the form ID is OK in the “converted” code … which I did a copy/paste of it into the widget on the website … which did not “take” until I saved … and which point the digit was added to your code as well.
Please send any response to the email in my registration.

Have literally wasted hours with this plugin using WP 3.4.1. After entering name and email and hitting submit I am always sent to an error page
Used it on different sites with same result, it just doesn’t work.

I have different sign up forms that I need to use on my website. Is there a way to use this plugin with multiple sign up forms, or am I stuck with only one?

I have installed this widget on my website, When I did a test for the email sign up, I am redirected to “”, suspiciously? My test name did not show up in iContact, and I am supposed to be directed back to the main website per my settings in the Widget. Please help? Thanks

To remove “Email Marketing by iContact”.
You can open the file icontact.php in wp-content/plugins/icontact-widget/
At line 549, put return “” after the {, something like the following code

function add_link($code=null) {
return “”;

Save it and done!

Hi guys – I really like this widget. I’ve been using it for a couple of months with no problem, but today, I created a new iContact sign up form (seems fine), I then went to my wordpress admin page, and dragged the widget to the sidebar (underneath 2 other instances of the widget for other forms). However, when I then try to paste and save the automatic sign up HTML into the widget, I get the error message “The code below didn’t work. There was an error processing the form code you entered into the “Automatic Sign-up Form Code” field.”

Also, the configuration options (in particular the oine to not display it in the sidebar, as I want it in the main body of the page) are not there.

Can you help?


Chris Smith

Hi Jeanette – I have ditched this widget. I just copy the HTML code from iContact, and paste it straight into my sign up form on my wordpress page, by going to the text editor tab on the page.

I hope that helps.

Chris Smith

I’ve been using the plugin for over a year with no problem, changing the signup form monthly and no problems through January. Now I get an error message stating “the code didn’t work, there was an error processing the code.” I recently updated to the latest WP version (3.8.1). Help! I have a workshop in two weeks that people are to be signing up for!

I installed your wordpress plugin, I created an icontact form, I copied the automatic code and pasted it into the widget but when I save I get an error in the widget that say

The code below didn’t work.

There was an error processing the form code you entered into the “Automatic Sign-up Form Code” field.

Found the issue… it is not compatible with the most recent version of WordPress!!

I’m trying to use your plugin but when I paste the text from iContact’s automatic form I get the following error:

“The code below didn’t work.
There was an error processing the form code you entered into the “Automatic Sign-up Form Code” field.
Please make sure you’re pasting the iContact-generated Automatic Sign-up Form code, and try again.”

I’ve tried numerous times with the same result. Any help is appreciated.


Steve W.

Hi guys – lots of us getting the same error here… I didn’t get a solution so I have ditched this widget. I just copy the HTML code from
iContact, and paste it straight into my sign up form on my wordpress
page, by going to the text editor tab on the page.

I hope that helps.

Chris Smith

I have created a code thru iContact but this widget is saying it’s not a good code. Is there a newer version of this widget? Something isn’t working…


It looks like possibly Zack hasn’t been seeing this comment section recently. I sent him a message via google+ so maybe there will be news about the status of the plugin with WordPress 3.9.

Using Avada theme. Have iContact widget installed and created the submit form code from iContact. Pasted the code to the widget of iContact. It says there is an error in the code. Copy and PAsted the code from iContact SEVERAL times and still not working. Solution?

I have downloaded the wp plugin and when I paste the automatic sign up form code, it says …”the code below didn’t work.”

Can you suggest a fix for this?


Hello, I need help with my icontact widget. Please not that I am a regular person not that familiar with WordPress. In fact I have some difficulty using WordPress because I feel it is more for peole familiar with codes and such. So please keep that in mind when answering. I am trying to add the code I got from icontact into wordpress but I am getting an error message that says the code doesn’t work? What could be the problem?

I read below and did what Chris Smith suggested and it worked! It doesn’t look as pretty as the wordpress contact form . Any suggestions for making the boxes bigger? But anyhow it works! Thanks!!

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