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This plugin requires a VerticalResponse account. Sign up for VerticalResponse today.

Add a VerticalResponse signup form to your sidebar without touching code.

This plugin includes many configuration options:

  • Custom widget title (if empty, shows no title)
  • Define your own Button Text (Subscribe, Submit, Add Me!, Go, etc.)
  • Show an intro paragraph and define your own wrapping tag (defaults to a paragraph tag).
  • Choose from two styles:
    1. Default VerticalResponse style (gray)
    2. Choose your own colors
    3. No style (make your own using CSS)
  • Choose from three types of forms:
    1. Full Name, Email, Subscribe button
    2. Email, Subscribe button
    3. Subscribe button only

The plugin includes a full-featured [verticalresponse] shortcode. Learn how to configure the shortcode.


Latest version: Download Vertical Response Newsletter Widget v1.6 [zip]


Follow the following steps to install this plugin.

  1. Download plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder
  2. Upload the plugin to your web host
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins page (wp-admin/plugins.php)
  4. Add the widget to your sidebar on the Widgets page (wp-admin/widgets.php)
  5. Configure the widget and save the settings

You can also embed in your website by configuring above, then removing the widget from your sidebar. Then:

  • Add <?php widget_vr(); ?> in your template code
  • Write [verticalresponse] in your post’s or page’s content.


Q. How do I use the shortcode?
A. Here’s an example shortcode (Version 1.6+):

[verticalresponse title="Sign Up Here" bg_color="#000000" label_color:"#FFFFFF" border_color="333333" border_width="5" email_input_size=15]

You can overwrite the plugin settings in the shortcode using the following attributes:

  • code (default: ”)
  • title (default: ‘Sign up for our Newsletter’)
  • email_default_value (default: ‘Enter your email address’)
  • div_class (default: ‘widget_vr’)
  • form_class (default: ‘vr_form’)
  • form_id (default: ($number_of_vr_widgets === 1) ? ‘vr_form’ : ‘vr_form_’.$number_of_vr_widgets)
  • showname (default: ‘full’)
  • bg_color (default: ‘#dddddd’)
  • border_color (default: ‘#000000’)
  • font_color (default: ‘#333333’)
  • label_color (default: ‘#000000’)
  • button_bg_color (default: ‘#333333’)
  • button_border_color (default: ‘#999999’)
  • button_font_color (default: ‘#000000’)
  • border_width (default: 1)
  • preface (default: ”)
  • wrap (default: ‘p’)
  • button (default: ‘Subscribe’)
  • defaultstyle (default: ‘yes’)
  • credit (default: ‘yes’)
  • show_vr_code (default: ‘yes’)
  • email_input_size (default: 20)
  • name_input_size (default: 15)
  • last_name_label (default: ‘Last Name:’)
  • first_name_label (default: ‘First Name:’)
  • email_label (default: ‘Email:’)
  • before_widget (default: ‘<div class=”widget [div_class]”>’)
  • after_widget (default: ‘</div>’)
  • before_title (default: ‘<h4 class=”widgettitle”>’)
  • after_title (default: ‘</h4>’)

Q. How do I use the new `add_filters()` functionality? (Added 1.1)
A. If you want to change some code in the widget, you can use the WordPress add_filter() function to achieve this.
You can add code to your theme’s functions.php file that will modify the widget or shortcode output. Here’s an example:

function my_example_function($widget) { 
    // The $widget variable is the output of the widget
    // This will replace 'this word' with 'that word' in the widget output.
    $widget = str_replace('this word', 'that word', $widget);
    // Make sure to return the $widget variable, or it won't work!
    return $widget;
add_filter('vr_widget_form', 'my_example_function');

Q. What is the license?
A. This plugin is released under a GPL license.



  • Added shortcode configuration options. Learn how to configure the shortcode.
  • Improved code structure
  • Switched away from some depreciated functions
  • Added vr_widget_defaults and vr_widget_args filters to modify default form configuration


  • Fixed [verticalresponse] shortcode bug where form would be shown at the beginning of content rather than embedded inside it (as reported in issue #438919)


  • Dropped a decimal place in the version numbers
  • If you want to modify widget or shortcode output, there’s now an add_filters method to do so.
  • Improved widget controls configuration


  • Fixed . /> code validation errors on line 183 and 193. Thanks to Doug Ng for pointing this out


  • Added GPL notice


  • Added shortcode


  • Added color options for backgrounds (form, button), borders (form, button), text (main, labels, button)
  • Updated versions


  • Fixed error on line 146
  • Added give credit option


  • Minor update to fix fatal error, changing <? to <?php
  • Added id’s and classes to improve CSS customization capabilities


  • Removed white space at end of widget to possibly fix fatal error


  • Updated stripslashes() to better handle apostrophes in fields


  • Fixed tag closure order error. Thanks!


  • Updated Plugin URI link to go to widget’s page


  • Fixed bug that showed the VerticalResponse form instead of saving the widget options or removing the widget.

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