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Add a StreamSend Signup Form to Your Website

Easily add a StreamSend Sign-up Form to your website with this plugin. When users sign up for your StreamSend newsletter, they will be signing up on your website, not on the StreamSend website.

Works well with the Show Content Only plugin. Used together, you can create a page that is only the signup form, but still running on WordPress.

Note: this plugin requires an active StreamSend account.


Latest version: Download Streamsend for WordPress v1.0 [zip]


  1. Find the Sign up URL of the form you would like to add to your website by visiting your StreamSend Account Forms page.

  2. Paste the form’s Sign up URL in your page or post, like this: [streamsend url=""]. The form will be inserted as designed in the StreamSend account.


Q. Does this plugin require a StreamSend account?
A. Yes, it does. Don’t use StreamSend? Try it free for 30 days. StreamSend is the most feature-rich & cost-effective e-mail marketing program available.

Q. What is StreamSend?

StreamSend offers an easy-to-use, affordable and dependable email marketing software solution designed to help businesses make the most of their time and money. We are focused on developing and delivering elegant technological solutions to meet the communications needs of our customers. We believe in the value and freedom that comes with email marketing, and stand behind several core principles of email marketing for our company, product and service. And we also believe in having a little fun.

Q. Here’s a preview of what it’s like to use StreamSend:

Q. What is the license for this plugin?

  • This plugin is released under a GPL license.



  • StreamSend WordPress Plugin released

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