AffiliateWP: Migrate from E-Junkie

E-Junkie had it’s day, but AffiliateWP is the future.

Moving from E-Junkie to any other platform can be a pain. To move to AffiliateWP without this plugin, you have to:

  • Create WordPress users for each affiliate
  • Add a AffiliateWP affiliate for each affilaite one-by-one
  • Manually set whether the affiliate has custom commission rates

Automatically import affiliates from E-Junkie

  • Activate this plugin
  • Download the affiliates export file from E-Junkie
  • Import the affiliates in AffiliateWP > Migration Assistant page
  • Done.

The plugin will check if an affiliate is already an user on your site, and if they aren’t, it will add them. Each affiliate will be imported into the AffiliateWP platform with their custom commission structure intact.


Author: Zack Katz

Zack Katz is the President of Katz Web Services and the developer of WordPress plugins with over 700,000 downloads. He lives in Southwest Colorado with his wife and two cats.